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If you like Maplestory music you need hear this

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Yes, you need on your playlist or if you watch maplestory streamers on twitch you need request this at least one time.

What is this?, variuos songs you already could know from MMF, but this aren't only the mixes, no this is a Mash-up of every single one, better than that the video is fun to watch.

This video was showed in Korea on the press conference for 5th Job announcement, and now on YouTube is a must watch/have even if you don't play anymore.



  • RikNLRikNL
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    The best part is the Temple of Time BGM
  • LilyflowerLilyflower
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    Temple of time best bgm.
  • Lucsean99Lucsean99
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    Verne Mine/PowerStation such an classic BGM my favourite. Don't forget Sakura Castle & the one before thatwith the ANNOYING jump quest towards that Boss.
  • KingStarfireKingStarfire
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    Ellinia is always great