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AKRADIAN is legit pissing over my profile. He doesn't understand what these words mean. Yes,NO, Maybe how weak for a vfm.


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  • Loyal Legit player her.

    Not DPS hoarder sadly why rushed you know?

    Currently watching Grey's Anatomy and completing my backlog of other games.
    Games I must 100% complete
    -Pokemon Ultra Moon (3DS)
    -Pokemon Shield 9Switch)
    -Fire Emblem 3 Houses
    -Fire Emblem Fates 6 Playthroughs
    -Fire Emblem Warriros
    - Bravely Default (3DS)
    - Hey You Eevee (Switch)
    - BOTW (Switch)
    - Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2 (Switch)
    -Pokemon MD DX (Switch)
    -Final Fantasy 10-10x2
    - Borderlands pre-sequel PS3
    - Tales of Xilia2 PS3
    - Agarest War series 1,2,3
    -Tales of Symphonia Ps3
    - Disgaea 5 (Steam)
    3 Atelier Alchemist Games (Steam)3 games on (Ps3) and 3 on (Vita).
    Legend of Heroes all games(Steam) besides Cold Steel 3 (Switch)
    And of course

    Sadly No Ps4 getting to old had to count down some games

    April 2020
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    You used the search bar! No seriously, so many folks never even look there that it's worth having a badge just for this.
    December 2019
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    December 2019
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    October 2019
  • riza
    Hope you get unban soon peace and power Fist Up!

    Riza Saika (bera-Leader of Dragontribe)
    Riza Saika (ms community- Voice of the people)
    Riza Saika (ms community- Voice of the Voiceless)
    Riza Saika (ms community Malcolm X)
    December 2018
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    October 2018
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    August 2018
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    March 2018
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    October 2016