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Forum changes, rant and raves section moved

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I would like to adress the current forum changes being made. I think the Rant and Raves section is the perfect place to post about it. I've seen it got moved to the child categorie of off-topic. I would like to make a couple remarks about this, 90% of Rants were maple related and therefore it isn't off-topic. Another point I would like to highlight is that child categories doesn't work well on this forum and will decrease the forum visiblity.

If you really wanna improve the forum than there is a section where you can start, the Maple Classified section.
First of all I think its a bad name for this section, guild and market stuff is not really classified stuff at all.
Second I think guild topics need to split up from the market section, all the guild recruitment are very poorly visible.
Thirdly you could even consider splitting them up per server. So a new player who joins a server can easily find potential guilds he likes to join or an item on the market he or she would like to buy.

I could keep ranting on for hours and hours, but let's start improving the forums in the correct way, taking visibility as main factor for improvement!


  • FennekinFennekin
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    Supposedly, rants and raves about anything MapleStory related is supposed to go in General Chat now. I assume that includes forum-related stuff? We post about the forums in General Chat pretty often, anyway. I guess that's better for thread visibility (since General Chat is probably the second-most frequented board, the first being Bug Reporting lul), but it'll take some getting used to.
  • NyaraNyara
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    To be honest I'm OK with the new order. Rave and Rants is mostly about IRL stuff, it can also be Maple stuff, but not serious stuff directed for anybody. It is a section to free up some space from Off Topic and General Chat, which are a tad satured. It is gonna take some time to get used but I think it is all right at the end. Game-related complaints should go to the General Chat, were they are gonna experience more visibility now, which is a good thing I think.

    Making a board for every guild is a headache, though. Guild recruitments are OK where they are now, they don't deserve more visibility than market threads. Anybody looking for interaction should check that part, it is not hard to catch. I agree that Maple Classifieds is a super weird name, thinking another one is hard but I believe something better can appear.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    In before (did you know the abbreviation for that is censored on these forums?) this thread gets locked too.

    First of all, a moment of English:

    "Classifieds" does not mean the same as "classified". In other words, it doesn't mean "secret". It's the name of the section in the newspaper where all the little ads and notices are. So the name of the forum section is perfect.

    Regarding Rants&Raves: Nyara, if you look in that section, you will see that the vast majority of threads are about Maple. It's true we're allowed to rant about real-life stuff there, but people hardly ever do.
    Personally, if I were going to remove the section to save space, I'd redirect it to the "Feedback" section, since saying something like "Aaaarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh! I hate the way the new events spam my chat box!" is still a form of feedback.
    However, there was a reason this section was added: it was to make General Chat a more positive place, and Feedback a more constructive place. And the CoC was a little more relaxed in Rants and Raves because it was understood people post there when they're so upset they just want to scream, rather than have a nice chat or discussion.
    Of course the rule relaxing doesn't really apply any more, and if one really wants to express a negative opinion of Nexon without getting one's thread locked or deleted, one needs to go to reddit or other fan sites. So maybe the section does need removing, to drive that point home more clearly.
  • RawRaw
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    This is actually pretty upsetting to me. The purpose of forums and feedback is to have as much diversity, and different opinions as possible. In Democratic states, we like to do that to get a feel for the different options going forward instead of the current options holding us back. To make a section of this forum less visible, especially a perceived negative (by nexon) section, it limits diversity and will further concentrate the population of people who use certain aspects of the forums.

    Most of the time, it is okay to assume that so long as you are receiving different opinions in ONE locale, the solution will be more specific to those who live in that climate, region, etc. If people live in different areas regionally (like in Maplestory), it is important to make sure it is very straightforward and obvious to find things to post opinions on improvement, no matter how Nexon feels about how the information was presented. Ideas shouldn't be discriminated against based on the way they were delivered, but measured against one another based on merit, hopefully leading to the best idea winning out. At the end of the day, the goal of both Nexon and the gaming community it holds is the same: Create a game that the masses enjoy, and create longevity and commitment from everyday players. In order to do that, Nexon has to be open to hearing ideas (in different tones, negative or positive), and the gaming community has to continue to share ideas. My intent was to illustrate through text how limiting the visibility of a section, and a hallmark section at that, shows a lack of forethought or concern about game improvements. It shows that Nexon is more concerned with their feelings and how things are presented than the improvement of the game (which P.S. is their job). This is not meant to be disrespectful or rude, it is simply the way I look at this issue.
  • RawRaw
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    Also, I think it's important that someone say that people get mad at this game and the people that tweak it because they really like this game and want to get better. Their irritation stems from the long amounts of time they presumably spend (esp. if they were willing to go post a forum discussion) in game and probably figure that if they're to be spending so much time on this game, they may as well try to help "fix" it. Not to say it's broken (minus the incessant crashing), but everything can be improved. Censorship and less visibility is not the way to achieve that improvement.