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fun bossing classes with visible weapons?

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im looking at bossing but don't know which class to pick to main. currently looking at how the classes are right now im sure they will get nerfed/buffed as usual. been playing a sin but i find they super dull your spamming basically the same skill with a throwing star animation not much more to it. anyways what are some really good bossing classes that in YOUR opinion are fun currently that have a visible weapon. by visible i mean i can easily see it. like a giant sword or something.

im not a fan of combo classes like arans. so far i can only think of 4 classes but idk how 2 of them are. 1. cannoneer ( can't see it's weapon very good ) 2. demon slayer ( weapon is small ). 3. DrK ( idk how they are for bossing especially if i want to solo ) 4. hero ( same as DrK).

any suggestions on the 4 classes or any others. my main concern really is bossing idc about funding i will eventually fund them as much as possible and make alts for link skills but want to focus on 1 toon for now.


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    I'd suggest Mihile if you want a complicated and "challenging" class to master. They utilize a quicktime guard system which is unique compared to any other class and is a mix of Hero and Paladin components (basically a Hero with Paladin/Holy-type skills). I find Hero and DrK to be quite bland and DrK isn't all that great as a bosser with a clunky bossing skill that can only be spammed for a short period of time.

    Though you're into bossing I'd also like to throw in that if you continuously stack 5 Royal Guards without failing it's as if you're using an Ult with the AoE of Blizzard/Meteor/Genesis. The damage is also pretty great and can do some serious damage if concentrated into one enemy by using their version of Hero's Enrage Skill called Roiling Soul