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X Coupon (Teaches you the X riding skill)

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edited March 2017 in Bug Reporting
Yesterday I bought a Dragon coupon from a store in FM13. I don't remember what the name of the store or owner was...
Here's a description of the item:
Dragon Coupon: Teaches you the dragon riding skill.

There is no time limit associated with this mount skill, but when I logged on this evening..I found out it is missing from my mount skills window, and my hotkey settings.
I paid 250,000,000 meso for it.

Anyone else purchase this item, use it, then find out it is gone?

All the best

Edit: An alliance member experienced the same end result with the Napoleon Coupon. This bug could potentially affect every ( X Coupon ) mount that has this name.

It occurred to me that the item was probably duped which is sad...I've been looking for this mount for a while.