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Can't continue San Commerci Bon Voyage 2

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edited April 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Quest Bon Voyage 2 not working at San Commerci

Brief bug summary: I might be the only one with this problem but I can't continue San Commerci Bon Voyage 2. I may have closed the game window while on the ship during the quest. Now when I try to start it again, nothing happens after I select the items and hit "Ship". Please help, thank you.

Steps to reproduce:
-Click on NPC Maestra Fiametta at San Commerci
-Accept quest San Commerci Bon Voyage 2
-Click Dolce->Select 2 soaps->hit Ship

Character name: HawkeyeCK
Character level: L184
Character job: Thunder Breaker
World name: Bera
Date and time of the incident: 2:30p EST
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Update: 4/2 Works now somehow. Can delete this post, Thank you.