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Collaborative Pink Bean Secret Diary Guide


  • KennyGeeKennyGee
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    Asamuel wrote: »
    ok for all the guys believing the inhuman lie detector is about 30 runes ...well totally bullshit , i still dont get it why everyone instandly believe in reddit nonsense ...
    If you still having trouble try to solve the korean town questline instead .... getting all stones ,and finish the questline should give you your acm *inhuman lie detector*<- makes sense , foxspirit , fakes around in her human form(inhuman) , and seeing tru the the spirit possesed townpeople(which kind of lie xD ) ...and the heck ,what has a rune to do with lie detection xD any title is a hint ....if that works , and you wanna thank me ,with a huge amount of mesos for example xD <-luna name toxina

    i have the achievement and i haven't touched korean folk town