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How to get reset tickets (Hmag, CRA)

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Quick guide on how to get boss reset tickets:

Time requirements:
  • 1-2 hours of pre-quest
  • 10-20 minutes for dailies (only need 1-2 times a week for 1 reset ticket)

Why do people need reset tickets:
  • CRA Title. The Root Abyss Master Title requires all CRA medals (10 clears for each CRA boss), + 10 more clears for each CRA boss, for a total of 20 CRA clears; reset tickets can let you clear CRA bosses more than once each week.
  • Tyrant gear. Tyrant boots takes 70 magnus coins (7-8 weeks) and Tyrant belt takes 100 magnus coins (11-12 weeks). Resetting it and running Hmag twice each week cuts this time to half. It’ll be nice to have extra magnus coins on hand if you boom Tyrants starring.

How do I start the prequest:
How do I start the dailies:
  • The quest can be found in the Lightbulb once you’ve completed the pre-quest. Scroll near the bottom to find a quest that starts with [Daily].
  • Quests are completed remotely; all five dailies can be found at the same place.
  • You do not need to finish all four each day to get rewards; you can stop at any time
  • Quests 1-3 will give you 1 (600) anti-magic stone piece each. These three quests will always be in Forest of Pain maps 1-5
  • Quest 4 will give you 1 (1200) anti-magic stone piece.
  • Quest 5 will give you 1 anti-magic stone – this can be used to purchase Tyrant gloves (not going in depth into that here; this isn’t necessary for reset tickets)

Where do I trade anti-magic for coins:
  • Map: Ranheim academy
  • NPC name: Levian
  • Choose second option – I would like to exchange my anti-magic for coins, then buy the silver coins (Anheim coin) for reset tickets

Where do I use coins to buy reset tickets:
  • Map: Marketplace
  • NPC name: Keilbarren
  • Buy your reset ticket: Hmag reset costs 10 coins (7000 anti-magic); C Vonbon, C Pierre, CQueen resets cost 10 coins (7000 anti-magic); C Vellum, Empress resets cost 12 coins (8400 anti-magic)

How to get more anti-magic:
  • Farming: To get more anti-magic, use drop gear / familiar while doing dailies to have more anti-magic dropped from mobs
  • Exchanging coins: In the shop, buy an A.M.P Entropy (costs 2 coins = 1400 anti-magic) – this, when used, will increase your anti-magic gain by 50% from mob drops and from clicking on anti-magic stone pieces. This effect works for 1 hour.
  • For example, if you had 6 (600) anti-magic stone pieces and 2 (1200) anti-magic stone pieces from 2 days worth of dailies.
  • If you opened them all at once, you’d have 6000.
  • If you open the first 3 (600) ones first, then buy AMP Entropy for 1400 and use it, then open next 3 (600) and 2 (1200), you will receive 1.5x with the Entropy effect. End outcome would be 3x600 – 1400 + 3x600x1.5 + 2x1200x1.5 = 6700
  • TLDR: If you have more than two days worth of anti-magic from dailies, you should buy AMP Entropy before opening stones to increase your total net anti-magic received.

How to reduce time spent on walking:
  • Save time walking into Kritias: When you are doing the prequest, save one of the Forest of Pain maps on your TP rock. During dailies, you can TP into the Forest of Pain map and CC (this will move you to the real Kritias maps for dailies). Alternatively, you can use Maple Guide Level 180 - it will TP you to Forest of Pain 1.
  • Save time walking out of Kritias: There is a teleport portal in Ranheim Academy that can TP you back to one of the town maps (Henesys, Leafre, etc). You can also double click on the Mercedes link skill that teleports you to Elluel.

Hope that helps!


  • QuickDrawerQuickDrawer
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    hey do the reset tickets disappear once they are used and do they have expiration dates?
  • AmityVAmityV
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    hey do the reset tickets disappear once they are used and do they have expiration dates?

    The reset tickets disappear once used; you will get a notification in chat: "your weekly clear of hard mode magnus has been reset".
    Reset tickets do not expire and are stackable (3 hmag reset tickets will only take up one slot in your Use inventory).
  • thrakkesthrakkes
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    You know you could just kill monsters for Maple Guide, right? After doing prequest I mean. Thats for people who don't have any teleport rock and it's fast.

    Mercedes Link skill really work inside Kritias? o-0 From what I know, the only thing working is Ardentmill teleport. Nice to know I guess lol.

    There is time saver to move around monster areas, Town Scroll is your best friend there. If in any Burning monster map and use scroll, you will be teleport to Southeastern barracks. Moving to Southwestern barrack if in Frozen monster. Then to Northern Barrack from Permeating monster (purple).

    You can also farm more Antimagic from Kritias Invasion. Loot these Black Token dropped by monsters. These are a bit beefy for their lv like 40-45M HP, but gives insane amount of EXP, between 100 and125k per kill!! By looting tokens, at the end of Invasion you will gain more Antimagic as reward from Blundell NPC at Northern Barrack in normal map. If you fail clearing Kritias Invasion, you need farming up to 5M contributions to reach the cap of 1,000 antimagic pts. You know that if you are lucky and can encounter more people doing Invasion, more chance to beat it so you can earn extra Antimagic Stone ! %item drop can greatly help farming in Kritias.