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Look of the Month - April Winner Announcement

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Oi, Maplers!

Last month, we asked contestants to show us their fashion as we searched for April’s most fashionable. Due to excessive amounts of debating, sighing, and eye rolling, we had no choice but to call an expert to crown our winners.
Fashion contests are mostly subjective, however, there are three key ingredients that embody fashion that aren’t! Originality, theme, and my personal favorite, trendy!
        ― Eskalade

Grand Prize Winner
Runner Ups

Thank you to everyone who participated in April's Look of the Month contest and don't be discouraged if you didn't win!
Perhaps your outfit will be more suited for future contests with set themes or needs a few adjustments.

We'd like to make it clear that this was no landslide victory and we loved many of the looks that were submitted.
Winners are NOT permitted to enter the same look in future Look of the Month contests, however, this rule does not apply for those who have yet to hold a winning look.

At the end of the day, what's most important is that you love how you look. You can't make everyone happy, but what's important is your very own happiness! We'll be sending out the prizes before 5/19/2017, please contact us if you do not receive your Maple Points by the specified date.

    Grand Prize:
  • NyaaG - 35,000 Maple Points

    Runner Ups:


  • BruiseBruise
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    Nice new format with the comments.

    It was hard for me to discern the words in the Eskalade dialogue -- perhaps an issue with the color. I also had trouble understanding what was said -- wording, I suppose. Otherwise, this is a nice change.

    The featured outfits are something to look at -- the sporty girl has her place in society, especially after World War 2 and in the Olympics.

    I hope next time there will be more exciting choices from the players. What excites me is more original pieces like with Megascience's unforgettable monstrosity. When I first laid my eyes upon it while on Basilmarket last year, I was taken aback by the craziness and felt we had a connection, though that may be because he complimented me on my own outfit ;) . There are also the ones whose persona matches the outfit. Ones like friedclams (friedcod from windia) and his food suggestions. In essence, degree of audience reaction is also a key objective component, and players should enter more exciting choices for us to look at.

    Don't mind me, just rambling.

    Always interested in Maple fashion.
  • ManiOhManiOh
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    edited May 2017
    graaaaaaaaaaaaaatzzzzzz :)
  • DuzzDuzz
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    edited May 2017
    When is the May thread going to be up?
  • ArwooArwoo
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    edited May 2017
    Duzz wrote: »
    When is the May thread going to be up?

    We have plans to have it go up tomorrow.
    However, if there are any delays, we'll be sure to let everyone know ASAP!