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ALL THIEVES' CLASSES - Venom Burst is STILL Broken

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edited May 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skill Mechanics

Brief bug summary: Venom Burst (5th job common thief skill) does not apply the correct %damage when casted.

More details:
So since the release of the V-update in GMS, Venom Burst has been bugged to do absolutely abysmal damage compared to KMS's. The skill, when used, is supposed to apply a huge burst damage by detonating all sources of DoT applied on a mob or boss. While the skill DOES in fact function correctly (you can cast it and it applies the passive DoT line when attacking), the damage output is broken and does not reflect upon the user's range correctly.

http://i.imgur.com/sgiP5dy.jpg (skill description: Venom Burst @ level 9)

Even looking at the skill description, you can see that it is definitely not displaying the correct value for %damages.

Please fix this as this is a major part of DPS rotation for all thieves!