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Increase Item Stack for Crystals (Ore)

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It is very much appreciated when I found that we can stack up most of our items such as Elixirs, Potions, Ores, Spell Traces, etc. up to a maximum of a thousand plus.

But there's just one teensy little problem here. The Crystal Ores. they only stack up to a 100 and they're taking up inventory slots.

May I suggest increasing the item stack for said items up to as much as the other ores?

Thank you.



  • HHG1HHG1
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    I want to piggyback off your suggestion and say that Magic Powder stacks should also be increased, as well as allow more crafting items to be put into the Production Bag, such as Spell Essences, Twisted Time, Philosopher stones, Cube Fragments etc etc.

    Right now the bag only takes Magic Powders and Item Crystals afaik, that hardly warrants buying a 20 slot bag.