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Bugged Button in B3

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edited June 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Wondroid Rescue button bug, functionality

Brief bug summary: I entered B3 and rescuing Roxxy, one of the gate button didn't work and I couldn't continue. The button is located after interrogation area and 3 static lasers, however other buttons in B4 and B3 worked but except for this one. I already tried again 5 times but the gate won't open, and there were already gate opening sound effect and button click sound. It is not due to lag because other buttons for sure worked and I died instant when suicide with the lasers.
-extra : I rescued Katroid today at noon and there were no problem with buttons while rescuing.

Character name: LilPawie
Character level: 152
Character job: Evan
World name: Reboot
Date and time of the incident: 6/1/2017 7:25PM PDT


  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    I encountered this issue, and I believe the workaround is by making sure your Wonderoid does not touch the door before you click the button to open it.