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Disconnect Kaiser Blade Burst Skill

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edited June 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug Summary:
While Transformed into final form as Kaiser using blade burst too fast consecutively will disconnect you back to the channel/server select (ex: Scania,Bera)
Additional Info:
it might be important to note that when using blade burst while transformed on my kaiser during the skill animation turns me into black armour kaiser for the skill animation and back to red after the skill is done. this could be because i had previously bought a kaiser colour change coupon during a previous event and used it but there was a kaiser colour reset so i am back to red armour.

Steps to Reproduce:

Be a lv100 + kaiser who has previously used a colour change coupon before the colour reset

transform into final form

use blade burst through holding down skill key

be disconnected

Character Name: KaiserSlash

Character level: 197

Character Job: Kaiser

World Name: Reboot

Date and Time: 5/06/17 9:40 pm NZST


  • SebastianEvaSebastianEva
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    so is there a fix for it or just when you transform you cant use the skill blade burst ?