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A Whopping 25 gigabytes

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I have 2 folders of the game one in the Undefined > Appdata and one in the regular maplestory folder
each taking up 9g each

each time there is an update i press the update button and have to redownload 9g more (i believe it overwrites the appdata folder)

can someone explain this?
id like to atleast be able to play again ... this month

the settings in the launcher does not detect the files in the maplestory folder when i press open game location
does that mean i can delete that folder?

or should i just start from sratch deleting everything?


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    Had that problem before and fixed it by swapping files in Nexon/Library/unidentified/appdata and the files in Nexon/Maplestory.

    What's going on (I think) is that the Launcher is trying to update the files in one of those directories, but it's too old or something so it's trying to redownload the entire game.

    After you swap it you can delete one of the directories that isn't being used.