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Maple Time Opinion

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Generally, this type of post would go under the feedback/suggestions category but in my honest intentions I am not suggesting that they do what I am about to talk about, rather these are just feasible ideas that I want to discuss with the community.

Anyway, good day everyone and here we are finally at the new Override event. My personal account may not be that old but I have been playing maple since about 2006 and I have seen the game change many times and there are a few things I do regret doing within the game. One of these regrets is making a span of characters over multiple worlds and actually leveling them up to a decent level (100+). I do wish for another world transfer event which I happen to miss out on a couple years back; however, it wouldn't have mattered because sadly I mainly play on Scania. With Scania being a "highly populated" server as addressed by the previous world transfer event I wouldn't be able to transfer Glacia or Renegades characters to it, although restrictions may change if there was another. With the Legion event going on as well those characters would help greatly. What are your thoughts on another world transfer? I have heard that there were some problems with the event but I am not sure.

Another topic I wish to discuss is a long time dream of mines. The one thing I have always been disappointed about is the scaling of skills, not because a character is overpowered or anything but because of usage. Generally, once you reach 4th job advancement you will most likely never use your 1st or 2nd job skills along with uncommonly using 3rd skills aside from buffs. Granted, some skills you wouldn't really want to use at 4th job but there are some instances I like to bring to view. My main character/class is a Zero and I enjoy playing it because it is one of the classes that actually "scales" as you progress you get the advance version of older skills or you receive some passive the adds additional damage to them. The only one other class I've played that actually exhibit this is Demon Avenger. Currently, because of the event I've made a wind archer and progressing with it but I would be disappointed to see some of the skills become useless. A general idea of a system I would like to see would be: the max number of skill points are retained but some skills have their limits increase, and you can choose to "sacrifice" some points for other skills and instead enhance an older skill to match your level but with limitations of course. Although the arcane system does fulfill this somewhat yet it's not the *umph* that I want. What says you?

TL;DR What do you think about another world transfer event and should abilities be made to scale at a cost *read the second to last sentence for the idea*?


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    I'd be down with a world transfer event. I used to play on Yellonde, and I think I've still got a Bishop on there that I've spent a lot of time on, but then I transferred to Windia a few years ago to play with my friends.
    As for abilities, I've never really thought about it, and while I don't really care either way, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a system like that implemented