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is aran the best melee dps class?

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i've dabbled in a few str classes(melee str) and aran is by far the strongest i've seen. i literally one shot enemies unfunded with a crap range of 4-6k.

i crit for like 30k lmao!
the only thing i hate (i have 2 arans one on scamia and reboot) is that his 4th job skill "final blow" is really hard to pull off, considering how fast you attack!

thoughts on powerhouse aran?
how is she beyond level 150 doe aran still one shot?


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    Lots of classes can do that damage unfunded. Don't know how Hayato is now but they were the best before this patch and probably still are. Hero and Blaster would be next. Aran still peforms well late game but the real damage revolves around Adrenaline which only lasts 20 seconds. You may be put off as pretty much every single patch since it got revamped has been nerf after nerf and more are coming after the patch we currently have. I find this irritating myself especially since there are many far stronger classes that still run wild without nerfs.