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Non-Leech Perma Starter Guide


  • ChroniusNightmareChroniusNightmare
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    Jez wrote: »
    can you still make a perm beginner out of pathfinder? i have seen people with bow wielding beginners but when i tried to make one i couldnt figure out how to leave the starting area without taking the job advancement
    did they change it quickly after release?
    sad if i missed out
    i wanted a beginner with a toy machine gun anvil :(

    i do have a 202 beginner though :)

    As far as I'm aware, they did change it pretty quickly after word got around that people found a way out of the tutorial area. Though there is rumor that you could submit a ticket to say that "my character is stuck, send to Henesys" or something of that nature and maybe a GM will allow it.