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Suggestions for a Better Maple

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1. Maple Rewards Shop: I like how Global MapleStory is following Korean MapleStory's footstep in working towards a less pay to win scenario, but there are still some items that requires user to purchase NX, with no other alternatives.

Such as the Premium Fusion Ticket for fusing Rank B+ Nebulites. I know this is a GMS exclusive, but as it is now, A Rank Nebulite is only readily available for premium players. Non-premium players can only fuse up to C rank, and if it ranks up to B rank, they'll stay as "trash" forever, unless the player was lucky enough to get a good B Rank Nebulite on first try.

Another such item is the Bonus Potential Cube. So far, the only way to change the Bonus Potential is to buy Bonus Potential Cube with NX Cash, there are no other alternatives, such as boss drop or monster collection. Even if the one added in Reward Shop is not as good as the current one in Cash Shop, it's still better than nothing.

2. Dream Defender: My next complain is the Dream Defender. In my honest opinion, this "quest" is too hard. Only the best of the best can clear up to a reasonable stage to get enough coins to purchase reasonable number of Arcane Symbol per day. As it is now, even with 4mil range, one can only clear up to stage 30 at best and get up to 3 Arcane Symbol per day (without the 2x Dream Coins event). This is too little for too much effort. I suggest either lower the difficult level of Dream Defender, increase the Dream Coins reward, or decrease the amount of Dream Coins required to buy the Arcane Symbol.

The other thing about Dream Defender is that, the daily attempt still count even when you failed to clear the stage. It also considered as fail even if one get disconnected or crashed from MapleStory, I was utterly devastated when I crashed from MapleStory earlier. I'd suggest you make it so the failed attempt don't count towards the daily attempt, like how it is with Chu Chu Party Quest (Muto).