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Cannot Start Up Maple

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Hello, I am writing this because I have a problem starting up the MapleStory client.

I have three computers at home, I have no problem with logging in MapleStory with two of my computers, the only problem is with this one.

Whenever I tried to "Play" MapleStory, the Game Guard thing did pop up, but soon after, I get error message saying that the server is either under maintenance (which is obviously not the case), I am trying to log in from a banned IP (that can't be it either, since two of my other computers can log in just fine), or that my internet connection is unstable (this is also unlikely, since as stated before, I can log in with my other two computers just fine).

I tried to uninstall everything related to Nexon and reinstall the entire game from scratch, but that doesn't solve the problem. I added MapleStory to the exception list in my Firewall, but that doesn't work either. I also tried disabling my antivirus software, but I still get the same result. I also tried to change the compatibility mode to windows XP, but no luck there either. I even tried shutting down all my background application, but I still can't log in. My last resort would be to reformat my computer, but I don't really want to do that just for a single game. I'd have to spend hours backing up all my important data.

Can anyone help me on this matter? Should I provide my computer's spec?