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Marvel Machine, and the Umbra Weapons...


  • PeepPeep
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    By saying that you are implying that an alternative doesn't exist. There's nothing stopping you from getting a kanna to 225 and using it for kishin the same way you'd use a frenzy. Also nothing stopping you from changing channels for those 100% burning maps. Drop gear helps the most when farming those symbols + nodes.

    Again, I want to stress I still don't think these items should have ever existed and they are stupidly OP, but they are not Arcane weapons that take weeks on weeks to farm. I already said how devastating it can be for a MMO to add endgame equips for money.

    On your comment about hackers. Like I said it's very obvious when a cheater is trying to profit off Arcane weapons and so far all of them have been permanently banned. The fact of the matter is though, Nexon hasn't been investigating free market shops with stacks of 30%+ botted/hacked gear and stacks of elite boss items. They are already profiting and as a result have tanked the value on many items.

    Adding equips to marvel tanks the value just as bad and would make detecting the cheaters trying to sell one 100x harder. So far people have figured out who they are and reported them because it's that obvious to anyone who is currently running. Everyone in the server knows who's capable of running and who has a group. If they add the equips in Marvel we will have absolutely no clue and as a result it will give hackers free reign on selling these equips without worry of a report.