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Mini Chicken pet request

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edited August 2017 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
I'm a huge fan of chickens and have 4 pets of my own so I would really like to request the Mini Chicken to be released, but in a package of 3 please. This chicken would be perfect for those who like birds and want a small, clutter free pet around their character.
However, would it be possible to include colours other than white? It would be wonderful to have a wider variation since we already have a white Yodelling Hen (which is actually a rooster because of the fancy tail) and the yellow coloured Golden Chicken. Below is a recolour I've played around with to view a few possibilities (white, black, brown, buff). I wasn't happy with the blue outline and red tail so I changed it to look more realistic. Another option is to have a special mix dye coupon to achieve more colours like light grey, dark grey, dark brown, orange, maroon, etc.
Just one major plea... PLEASE DON'T RELEASE HER WITH A RED TAIL. ;~; It looks like damaged skin or a bloody wound from over-plucked tail feathers. A hen's tail should be the same colour as the rest of her body. It can't be a rooster because the pet equip is an egg and I doubt there are any breeds with a red tail. I don't mind if this takes a couple more months to see ingame; I just want a colourful flock of uninjured chickens.

Please support! I know multiple maplers who dress up like chickens and own the Yodelling Hen pet, so it's not just me who's interested.


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