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[Luna] FLAMED Fafnir/CRA/Accessories outlet

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edited November 2017 in Maple Marketplace
Due to excessive amount of mesos on my account, I will not be selling items for a while.
Please feel free to reach me through contacts (see bottom of the post) for further information.
I will leave the rest of the post untouched for very quick resumeability when sales will take off again.
Thank you


I finally decided to set my stock of flamed items up for sale.
I'm currently selling any sort of flamed Fafnir weapons, CRA armors and random accessories.
For now I will list only the best items (I haven't taken note of all of them yet). Some items (anything with less than +60stat or 4%allstat) will be updated when I have time to check out all my mules entirely.

What price do you charge?
I will do my best to add a reasonable AutoWin price, based on the successful sale of similar stat equipment (which you can see in this very list), that you can pay in its entirety to get the item immediately without waiting. Items with no A/W are still open to offers but not buyable until I have an idea of their price (which comes essentially from offers). Feel free to give your offer or ask me about the price. Please keep in mind that having a C/O does NOT mean that the item will be sold, if the offer is too low it will just be a base number for more offers.
If an item has an A/W, as a general indication, I expect at least an offer of 80-85% of the autowin price, which is based off actual sales (I have screenshots of every transaction, if there's any doubt) hence pretty accurate.

How do I win an auction?
Items that receive an offer I consider satisfactory will be given an AutoWin price at some point, if they didn't have one to start with. If A/W price is not met within a few days (at my discretion), I will sell the item for the highest offer received (or cancel the whole auction and restart from 0 under certain circumstances, namely if the highest bid is too low). If A/W price is met, and there have been other running-up offers, I will warn the other bidders for their last chance to run for the item before selling it. Buyers might be requested to pay the fees too (they hardly exceed 1b anyway).

You don't have what I'm looking for...
If you're looking for an item to transpose (talking about hats specifically) into SW in the near future, but your desired hat is not present, keep in mind that I can look for a hat of another class with your desired stat (example, you're a mage and I have a warrior hat with +80ish INT). It will cost less than a +80 INT mage hat and will get you about the same result.
There is also plenty of flamed items with useless stats. You can buy these aswell, their price will be the same as a clean one that is acquirable with Chaos Root Abyss symbols (price varies on item type, up to 400-500m-ish for the most popular weapons for instance).

The stats you claim do not match with the stats shown on item?
Take note that the lines of %boss, %totaldamage and %allstats are invisible on most items. I took note of my items back when they were visible, so I am certain of the stats listed on most of them. The invisible lines will however show up again, likely when you successfully use a scroll (it might not happen), and certainly when you successfully enhance the item (always worked).
%allstat line marked with a * means that the line exists with no doubt but I'm not sure about the entity of the % and it might vary from -1 to +1.
Any major inconvenience with the stats (e.g. absence of the expected %as line) will result in an adequate refund.

You can write or send me a PM here.
You can find me ingame on Lore.

--- ARMORS ---

Royal warrior helm

+92str SOLD for 30b
+40str 6%as SOLD for 25b
7%as A/W 20b
+68str A/W 20b
+16str 5%as A/W 16b
5%as SOLD for 12b

Eagle eye warrior armor

+88str 3%as SOLD for 55b
+24str 7%as A/W 30b
+48str +3att 4%as C/O 12b --- A/W 27b
+32str 5%as A/W 24b
+3att 5%as A/W 14b
5%as SOLD for 12b

Trixter warrior pants

+56str +6att C/O 17b --- A/W 20b
+20str 5%as C/O 12b --- A/W 20b
+24str 4%as A/W 17b
6%as A/W 15b
4%as SOLD for 12b


Royal dunwitch hat

+20int 4%as A/W 15b
6%as A/W 13b
5%as (x2) A/W 11b
+6matt 4%as A/W 11b

Eagle eye dunwitch robe

+16int +6matt 6%as A/W 25b
+32int 5%as A/W 22b
+40int 4%as A/W 20b
+64int A/W 18b
+5matt 6%as A/W 15b
+6matt 5%as A/W 13b
6%as A/W 12b
5%as (x3) A/W 10b

Trixter dunwitch pants

+68int SOLD for 20b
7%as (epic potential) C/O 10b --- A/W 18b
+4matt 5%as A/W 14b
5%as (x2) A/W 12b
+3matt 4%as A/W 10b


Royal ranger beret

+24dex +5att 6%as SOLD for 25b
+24dex 6%as A/W 22b
+12dex 6%as A/W 17b
+20dex 5%as A/W 15b
+6att 5%as A/W 10b
+6att 4%as A/W 8b
+12dex 4%as A/W 8b
6%as (x2) A/W 10b
5%as A/W 8b
+3att 4%as A/W 7b

Eagle eye ranger cowl

+40dex 6%as SOLD for27b
+52dex 3%as A/W 24b
+20dex 6%as (x2) A/W 20b
+68dex A/W 20b
+16dex 4%as A/W 10b
6%as A/W 10b
5%as (x3) A/W 8b

Trixter ranger pants

+68dex SOLD for 18b
+60dex A/W 15b
+5att 5%as A/W 10b
6%as A/W 10b
5%as A/W 8b


Royal assassin hood

+40luk 4%as (+44str +20dex) SOLD for 22b
+48luk 3%as SOLD for 25b
6%as (x2) A/W 17b
5%as A/W 13b

Eagle eye assassin shirt

+24luk 6%as SOLD for 20b
+20luk 6%as SOLD for 22b
+16luk 6%as A/W 20b
+12luk 6%as A/W 18b
+24luk 5%as A/W 18b
7%as A/W 20b
5%as (x2) A/W 12b

Trixter assassin pants

+52luk 4%as SOLD for 25b
6%as A/W 15b
+12luk 4%as A/W 12b
+4att 4%as A/W 10b
5%as A/W 13b


Royal wanderer hat

+48str 6%as A/W 30b
+40dex 5%as A/W 20b
+16str +20dex 5%as (+16luk) A/W 20b
+12str +12dex 5%as A/W 16b
+16str 4%as A/W 12b
6%as SOLD for 10b
+60str +20dex (+32luk) A/W 13b

Eagle eye wanderer coat

+24dex 6%as A/W 20b
+72str +5att A/W 22b
+68str +12dex (+60luk) A/W 15b
+40str 3%as A/W 15b
+20str 5%as A/W 17b
+20str 4%as A/W 13b
5%as (x2) A/W 10b

Trixter wanderer pants

+48str 5%as (+24luk) A/W 25b
+56str +40dex 3%as A/W 20b
+72str C/O 15b --- A/W 20b
+68str +60dex A/W 20b
+32str +4att 4%as A/W 18b
+16dex +4att 4%as A/W 14b
6%as A/W 15b
5%as A/W 12b

--- WEAPONS ---

One-handed sword

+53att 6%as
+40att 4%tot 5%as SOLD for 12b

One-handed axe

+40att +20str C/O 5b --- A/W 8b

One-handed blunt weapon

+53att +16str C/O 5b --- A/W 13b
+40att 10%boss
10%boss 6%tot 6%as
12%boss 5%tot 3%as

Two-handed sword

+42att +16str 2x90%scrolled (+60att +22str 6 slots left)
+55att +24str

Two-handed blunt weapon

+55att +20str 4%tot


+42att (x3)


+38att +16str
+27att 7%tot
+27att 5%as
12%boss 4%tot 5%as


+71att 6%tot
+55att 4%tot
+55att +2700hp
+42att (x3)
6%boss 6%tot


6%boss 3%as



+66matt +16int C/O 12b --- A/W 20b
+36matt +20int 5%tot
+36matt +20int 4%as
+36matt 4%as
+25matt +20int 6%tot
+25matt 5%as


+65matt SOLD for 10b
+49matt 4%tot
+49matt +44int
+49matt +24int
+36matt 3%as
+25matt 4%tot 7%as

Shining rod

+65matt 3%tot
+49matt +20int 8%boss
+49matt +16int 5%as
+36matt 6%boss 6%as
+36matt 3%tot 6%as
+36matt 6%as (x2)
+25matt 6%boss
+25matt 4%tot 4%as
+25matt 4%as


+66matt C/O 13b --- A/W 20b
8%boss 3%as



+29att 6%tot SOLD for 7.5b


+44dex (unique 3L potential, +24dex cygnus soul)
+40att 3%tot
+29att +20dex 5%as
+29att +40dex
+29att 4%as

Dual bowgun

+20dex 12%boss 5%tot



+16att (unique 3L potential, +24luk cygnus soul) SOLD for 13b
+28luk (unique 3L potential, +24luk cygnus soul)
+21att +32luk
+20luk 8%boss 3%tot


+39att SOLD for 13.5b
+20att 4%as
+20att (x2)


+53att 4%tot
+40att 4%tot 6%as
+40att 7%as
+40att +12luk
+29att 4%as

Split edge (thief set)
+31att +24str +24dex +24luk



+31att 5%as
+31att +16str
+23att (x2)
12%boss 3%tot 3%as


+31att 5%as


+56att +60str
+56att (x2)
+31att +32str

Soul shooter

+31att 4%as

Split edge (pirate set)

+41att +16luk 12%boss (unique 3L potential, +15as cygnus soul) C/O 15b
+31att 5%tot 5%as

Pink holy cup

+3att 5%as*
+48dex +56int +24luk
+20dex +20luk
+16dex +12int +28luk
+12str +28dex +16luk

Condensed face accessory

+45str +15int 4%as (unique 18%int) C/O 10b --- A/W 17b
+24int 4%as (unique 15%str) A/W 15b
6%as (unique 12%str) A/W 15b
+18str +18dex 5%as* A/W 13b
+42str +12dex 4%as SOLD for 15b
+30str +18dex +12int 4%as* A/W 13b
+12str +12int 4%as* A/W 10b
+15dex +48int +69luk A/W 12b

Aquatic letter eye accessory

+30str +18dex +30luk 5%as SOLD for 13b
+30str 5%as* A/W 14b
+12int +12luk 5%as* A/W 12b
+24dex 4%as* A/W 10b
+5matt 6%as* A/W 10b
5%as* (x3) A/W 6b
4%as* A/W 4b

Dea sidus earrings

+24str +20dex +20int +24luk +5att 6%as
+12str +62dex +60luk
+51int +16luk
+55str +21int +20luk


  • FlouFlou
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    edited August 2017
    Loree gimme dat op 1h blunt weapon
  • HubbertoHubberto
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    edited August 2017
    Updated the list with armors and accessories
  • HubbertoHubberto
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    edited August 2017
    Updated with offers. Staff has A/W, get it before it's gone! (added notice about A/W in the first post)
  • FictiousFictious
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    edited August 2017
    I'll offer 17b for the 40 luk 4% as CRA thief hat.
  • HubbertoHubberto
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    edited September 2017
    General updates on the C/Os:
    - Warrior top 88+3% C/O 35b
    - Warrior hat 92 C/O 20b
    - Warrior hat 40+6% C/O 15b
    - Warrior top 48+3att+4% C/O 12b
    - Warrior bottom 20+5% C/O 12b
    - Mage bottom 7% C/O 10b
    - Thief set (hat 40+4%, top 24+6%, bottom 52+4%) C/O 20b+17b+20b respectively
    - Zakum face 45str+15int+4%as 18%int C/O 10b
    - Zakum face 69luk C/O 7b
    - Zakum eye 30str+18dex+30luk+5%as C/O 7b
    - Dagger +39att C/O 7b
    - Fan +66att C/O 8b
    - Xenon pirate sword +41att+12%boss unique C/O 7b
    - Staff +66att+16int C/O 12b

    I will make a similar list every now and then (example, beginning and middle of the month).
    If the item you are interested in is on this list and the offer is not yours, make sure you let me know your intention, whether it be counteroffering or withdrawing. Some of these are already considerable and I don't like to keep good bidders on hold for long :*

    P.s. Also added a note on transposable hats
  • ThonerThoner
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    edited September 2017
    Dude. You have entire sets for all classes. Very nice. *thumbs up*
  • HubbertoHubberto
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    edited September 2017
    Thank you hehe

    Round of AUTOWINS:
    - Warrior hat +88str +3%as C/O 45b A/W 55b
    - Warrior hat +40str +6%as C/O 25b A/W 35b
    - Thief hat +40luk +4%as C/O 20b A/W 28b
    - Thief top +24luk +6%as C/O 17b A/W 25b
    - Thief bottom +52luk +4%as C/O 20b A/W 32b
    - (Thief set C/O 57b A/W 85b 80b for all 3)

    These items will sell most likely by the weekend. Current offers are close to my selling price so here's your last chance :)

    A/W has been removed from staff because bidder went on a break and weapon prices have been unstable since last offer.
  • HubbertoHubberto
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    edited September 2017
    Items mentioned above are SOLD.
    Also +92str warrior hat is SOLD.
  • HubbertoHubberto
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    edited September 2017
    Added a few accessories and autowins on every item with a C/O
    ninjaedit: the items with C/O were already SOLD for A/W!
    Added A/W on all face/eye accessories.
  • YuanliangYuanliang
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    edited September 2017
    I offer 45b for Eagle eye ranger cowl(40dex 6as) and Trixter ranger pants(68dex).
  • HubbertoHubberto
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    edited September 2017
    Autowin price is available for all the CRA armors listed so far (and all face/eye accessories).
    As of now, fafnir weapons and other accessories (cups, earrings) don't have an A/W.

    @Yuan I was updating the post as I read your offer so I just integrated your offer within :)
  • xCoraxCora
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    edited September 2017
    45bil for clean gear with flame stats?

    oyeee the meso worth is really hitting the bottom of the barrel.
  • HubbertoHubberto
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    edited October 2017
    SOLD the archer top+bottom and a bunch of warrior gear.
    Sales will undergo a pause soon due to excessive amount of mesos on me, so if you want items get them NOW! (Or be patient until I use up some mesos)
  • Hersida11Hersida11
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    edited October 2017
    How much you want for +16att (unique 3L potential, +24luk cygnus soul) fafnir claw. Whisper me in game pls IGN Hersidan
  • HubbertoHubberto
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    edited October 2017
    SOLD the claw & updates
  • HubbertoHubberto
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    edited October 2017
    Sold a bowman hat.

    Sales are officially DISCONTINUED until I burn up some mesos. Will update the OP now and when the sales will restart (along with a general update and a topic refresh).