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nexon im begging u pls dont nerf hitokiri strike

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the website says the cd of hitokiri strike will be nerfed from 95%-30% please nexon I'm begging don't do it
  1. do you want hitokiri strike cd to get nerfed?8 votes
    1. yes
       13% (1 vote)
    2. no
       88% (7 votes)


  • CatoooloooCatooolooo
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    what I find funny is that in this update, it sounds like they dont even add the teleport home skills that have been in JMS since around February or march, but yes, this is the price you pay when you cry for a class to be updated, everything is on the table for getting changed not just things you want. I think that that wost part is, they didnt even buff his sanrenzan skills, which would have compensated the nerf to the cooldown cutter skill for hitokiri.

    I wana know if this is coming to all regions with hayato or if this is one of them GMS special updates.
  • bazzybazzy
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    I'm still fine with a kishin buff :eyes: