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  • Akiro
    I just want to clarify something. I never said that you should break the rules if you didn't read the terms of service. I meant that majority of the people like myself just click I agree and move on with it. I used to play maplestory back in the old days and I recently came back to it and have no idea what a meso market is. But this doesn't mean that scammers should be allowed to roam free and be allowed to pick on ignorant people like me. You can't blame anyone for being ignorant and not being taught something that you think they should know. And this isn't about me. I never said that I wanted my money back, I know that I can't. Ok let's say that nexon can't help these illegal deals, so they should inform their clients about the meso market, I've never even heard of it when I came back.
    July 2017
    • Catooolooo
      they posted this http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/22080/updated-v-185-maplestory-x-re-zero-update-preview it was also in patch notes, it has been posted about on most maplestory forums including this one, and they have it accessable from every town via quick move, there is little more they can do to spread this news other than putting a light bulb identifyer like they did for spell tracing and starfoce.
    • Catooolooo
      also if they ban the "scammers" they would also have to ban you by default because both of you were breaking the ToS because both of you were doing an illegal deal.
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