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One-Time Use 2x EXP Coupon from Marvel

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edited August 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: 2x Exp Coupon

Brief bug summary: The 2x exp coupon we get from Marvel Machine can only be used once per character

More details:

Spin the Marvel Machine, get 2x exp coupon code, redeem them, and you'll get 2x exp coupon (1 hour).

I know how there's a clear description on the item itself that says it is only usable once per character, but honestly, what's the point? How come we cannot use the coupon on the same characters indefinitely?

What happens when we used said coupon once of every character once? Would the 2x exp coupon be totally useless then? Since we can only use them ONCE per character...

Steps to reproduce:

1) Get 2x exp coupon (1 hour) from Marvel Machine
2) Redeem the code
3) Read item description
4) Use the item twice on the same character.

Character name: SilvaLau

Character level: 222

Character job: Blade Master

World name: Scania

Date and time of the incident: 31st August 2017
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