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Korean Folk Town Deep Water Bug

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edited September 2017 in Bug Reporting
Hey guys. I received this bug on each character I have played, which is about 6 of them now. In the Korean Folk Town questline. Where you have to go to Deep Water and talk to that one guy, and then the 4 guys attack you. After you killed them all, theres a count down timer for 10 min, but I cant do anything. Theres no menu, no movement of my character, nothing. When the timer runs out, well, I wouldn't know because usually when I make it back to my computer, I was thrown out of the game, or got frustrated and exited the game via Task Manager.

Note that It takes a few tried before I'm actually able to continue to the next part of the quest.

I saw a video where the guy said you have to kill the guys one by one. If thats the problem, well FIX it! I have played a lot of classes, and at lvl100 I'm only using multi-strike attacks!