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Why do you play?


  • TachikawaHiyokoTachikawaHiyoko
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    bootlicker wrote: »
    It's pretty much been this way since I started playing back in 2010. Nothing new to see with DCs, patches, and hacking issues but with that said I always seem to come back. I guess I enjoy building a character up from nothing with little money or friends helping me. I'm actually glad I took a vastly under powered class with little finding and have taken it this far. Of course to the big money whales I am nothing but to my friends who have quit and my family who still play I am someone who has done a lot without much to work with. I actually still enjoy this game a lot. I just wish they could cure their constant server and maintenance problems.

    I relate to your experience a lot! :) Though I started playing in 2005, hahaha, and I'm sure that, if we compared, you've probably advanced farther or succeeded more than me, LOL! ^^