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Cryojet Event Missing

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edited November 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Quest

Brief bug summary: Cryojet Event Quest is missing

More details: The event is nowhere to be found on the server Luna. Neither the star tab or the NPC have it, even tho the American side of the server can do the event perfectly fine.

Steps to reproduce: Login on Luna > Click Star Tab or visit Kemdi in Henesys/Leafre

Character name: Haku

Character level: 250

Character job: Kanna

World name: Luna

Date and time of the incident: 30.11.2017 8pm UTC


  • OkhuraOkhura
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    edited November 2017
    Thanks, I have forwarded it!
  • MageOfBattlesMageOfBattles
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    edited December 2017
    To add onto this bug report, I'm in MYBCKN (chaos) and I'm unable to find the event quest also.

    Character name: MageOfBattle
    Character level: 219
    Job: Battle Mage
    Server: MYBCKN (Chaos)
  • EyjafjollEyjafjoll
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    edited December 2017
    This is affecting me as well. I cannot find the quest even when I go during the available times on ch17.

    Character name: Hrund

    Character level: 231

    Character job: Night Lord

    World name: Nova (MYBCKN)
  • RailBirdRailBird
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    edited December 2017
    Same problem for me in GRAZED

    Character name: Avyllia
    Level: 224
    Job: Demon Avenger
    World: Galicia
  • AsylumAsylum
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    edited December 2017
    Seems like it's a repeat of the missing prism perks gem quest error. Characters in merged worlds that are not the oldest cannot participate.