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edited December 2017 in General Chat
So where are the new cadena weapons. i've only seen the ones that go up to lv 60 and a dragon chain. where is the utgard chain?


  • foussiremixfoussiremix
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    edited December 2017
    They probably werent added to.the drop table

    You can only craft them.
  • PlutoPluto
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    edited December 2017
    Yeah, no one is finding them anywhere. So we're stuck with the crafted lvl 110 dragon one. Nexon, please fix it.
  • DayDreamrrDayDreamrr
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    edited December 2017
    On my Cadena during 2x the Zak version dropped in Reg Zakum
  • SherriSherri
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    I've had the level 60 Tot weapon forever now.. Cadena's damage is amazing, but getting a better weapon will probably have mine hit through the 100k dmg point if I had a stronger weapon.
    Right now, my Cadena's level is.. uh.. idk.
    Just give me 2 hours to launch MapleStory without it crashing upon start up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯