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Why does live support feel so robotic?

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edited December 2017 in General Chat
I don't come from a reboot background, but every time when I talk to them it feel like all the answers are copy pasted and sometimes the answers don't even answer the question fully, as in they are just thrown in the general direction. Like I have made a reboot about booters in The Desert of Serenity, between every reply I had to wait 5 to 10 minutes for him to give me a generic bot reply.

For a game as big as maplestory I expect actually humans to help me out in LIVE SUPPORT, not some automated service.

As I'm writing this the same person I reported is still botting and it's been solid hour after I started the convo (https://gyazo.com/3901ef9ae3e3c09642679dd103e5e856 cliped at :46 near the end of the convo, https://gyazo.com/8939a630775bfd19be07366c6312882b cliped as I'm writing this :03 of the next hour)