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alumpyrock - Mod Application

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Member, Private Tester
edited December 2017 in MapleStory VFM Application
In-Game Character name: TechSwagger
World: Reboot
Discord User Name: alumpyrock#1987

Why I'd like to become a VFM:
I have been involved with MapleStory and the community since about 07-08 (pre-pirate) and I've always enjoyed the game and the community and I really like how much it has grown over the years with updates such as Big Bang and the addition of the Reboot server. I would like to help grow the community more and I feel being a VFM would be a way I could help the community grow as a whole.

What do I hope to accomplish as a VFM:
If I were to become a VFM the main goal I have would to keep the community together and help create an environment that welcomes all players new and old. I'll admit I'm no expert at this game but I would like to be able to share my knowledge with others as well as help communicate issues that the community is going through and as a player myself having that insight into what the player base would like to see can be helpful to communicate back and forth between the GM's and players.

What experience do I have moderating for other communities:
I can't say I have moderating experience but I've been in Guild master in jr roles in maple guilds in the past. Not the same thing but I still hope I could be of use in some shape or form.
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