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"Gaming Disorder"

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edited December 2017 in Off-Topic Discussion
Thoughts on it?

P.S. If you don't know what this is, please search it by using "Google".


  • ArlongArlong
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    edited December 2017
    I think it's bogus, not everything needs to be a mental illness, it's just a gaming addiction
  • Lucsean99Lucsean99
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    edited January 2018
    Finally the World Health Organization has step up their game. As adult we have responsibilities. I got work to the bone last night got home exhausted as hell, but even noticed an auto renewal transaction for my Ps4. Being exhausted didn't stop me from investigating that and evaluating my money situation from there. So I bought Tokyo Xanadu eX+ last night to even out my money situation. (Why did I buy it?) Unfortunately it reminded me about Trails of Cold steel games, which I'm i waiting for the third game to make an western release. Anything with a good story that has sequels I will fall in love with. Game that are repetitive like WW2 are just too much for me. I start of with goals to be completed, but it takes bloody forever just because you go into a all sniper map or you get creamed constantly by the same dam weapons.
    I play FPS to complete, Cameos Sights, and collect those those titles and emblems that's it.

    Why should I tryhard just to enlighten myself I don't suck. So towards WHO I agree that if anyone has repetitive tendencies towards any FPS and they talk smack online through their headsets or powerhouse using the same gun even with GOLD Cameo has an gaming disorder. Like these people even have the nerve to say "this isn't my first account lad". This is where you can draw the line i believe Sony needs a limit per accounts Ps3/Ps4 and as well as Microsoft for the Xbox X.
  • PizzaaPizzaa
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    edited January 2018
    Gaming addiction is just another form of addiction that need to be treated
  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    edited January 2018
    The addiction isnt to games itself but the false sense of reality. Just like any other addiction, it isn't x that youre addicted to but y (which is what it makes you feel, think etc) and like other addictions, there's an underlying reason.