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Kezraux - Mod Application

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edited January 2018 in MapleStory VFM Application
In-Game Character Name: Slawter
World: Reboot
Discord User Name: chrisツ#9927

A brief description of why I would like to become a VFM:

I would like to become a VFM because I am emotionally invested in MapleStory and would like to get involved more in the community. I believe my knowledge of the game and of Reboot's unique environment make me a very good choice for the position.

Do you have any experience moderating for other communities?

Nothing too big, no. I have never attempted to go for a moderator-type position for a game as big as MapleStory before, but I am completely ready for it should I be chosen.

What do you hope to accomplish as a VFM?

There isn't anything out of the ordinary that I would like to accomplish as a VFM. I'd just like to see everyone abiding by the rules, conversing and discussing the game peacefully. I am applying because I am capable of being a VFM and want to start getting more involved.

- Must be in REBOOT or have a strong understanding of the server's unique setting
I have played in the Reboot server consistently for about 9-10 months straight.

- 18 Years or older.
I am currently 19

- Must be active and on the official MapleStory forums & Discord.
I am not active on the forums unfortunately, because I prefer Discord, since it is a lot easier to communicate with people there. However, I will try my best to become active on the forums if I am considered for the position.

- No history of using exploits or illegitimate programs.
I have never attempted to cheat and will not, ever.

- Moderate and participate on the Maple community forums &Discord.
I am on Discord about 70% of the time I am awake, and I can be awake at night while other VFMs are asleep, if needed. As for the forums, I have explained earlier that I am not comfortable with them yet but will become active if I am considered for the position.

- Be courteous and kind towards other forum members.
I have never said anything rude to anyone on the forums ever, but I have said my fair share of bad words on the Discord. This will not continue & I will be working on making sure that I express myself in nicer ways. I have never gone out of my way to harass someone just for my own entertainment, and I will not do so in the future.

- Uphold the Forum Code of Conduct and enforce the rules fairly.
While I have not read the forum rules yet, I will be doing so after posting this. I am aware of the Discord rules already & try to enforce them very subtly at the moment.

- Assist planning ideas for creative and fun contests.
I love helping do these kinds of things, as I work in marketing and event management. I would be more than happy to contribute.

- Provide a helping hand on community temperature reports.
I am going to assume this means that I have to keep track of the current issues we are experiencing & determine how the community is handling them and also document suggested fixes. If so, I can definitely do this.

- Must be levelheaded when addressing difficult situations.
I can keep my calm and I never panic. I deal with a lot of pressing situations at work, and I will handle tough situations we may face here the same way I do at work.

- Must possess excellent written and communication skills.
I've always loved to write and can get my point across quickly.

- Value providing constructive suggestions & feedback
I have my flaws, just as everyone else does. I will be grateful for all advice given to me, and will do my best to make sure I meet everyone's expectations.

- Must not be a supporter of the Black Mage.
I'd free him if he bought me McDonald's.

Some additional information:

Due to some personal reasons, I cannot speak in calls over Discord, or listen in while muted. I'm not sure if this would have to happen at all, but I just wanted to put it out there.

I am not necessarily known in Reboot, but I have an amazing grasp on it. I hope that my understanding of the Reboot server will be an asset in figuring out how and what to give Reboot so that we can eliminate problems. Even since before the unexpected Non-KMS map changes, I have been brainstorming about how to make Reboot a better and more enjoyable place for both new and experienced players. I have only recently posted a thread with some of my ideas though, here on the forums.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. Apologies if it's a little lackluster or short but I didn't want to write a novel.
- Chris
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