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New Archer English Voice lines for MS2! MS2 confir

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Ms2 confirmed?


  • TerrorStreakTerrorStreak
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    plz no maplestory 2! it will never come close to the awsomeness maplestory #1 the original is. I am not a big fan of 3d games i love the nostalgic 2d side scrollers and maplestory has it nailed down to a fine art... for the most part.

    they should of never created maplestory 2, instead that time they spent making it should have gone towards remaking the entirety of maplestory coding side of things and seamlessly transition all current players without losses. that would of been amazing if they would of went that route sadly though it is what is.

    The only way I could ever be convinced to even attempt to try it was if they linked maplestory 1 and 2 together so that your characters on maplestory 2 would give a passive boost to your range in maplestory 1 and vice versa then i would put my time in for the benefits and get outta there back to my favorite the original =).
  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    This should’ve been made in non gms content or off topic