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I had another battle with Chaos Pinkbean

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edited January 2018 in General Chat
On my venture to reach level 235 I took a pit stop to the Pinkbean and had this crazy idea to try Chaos again.
I see I gotten better but not quite there yet.

I'll keep trying and getting stronger and leveling up my nodes and symbols


  • PleinairPleinair
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    What's your clean range and IED %/Boss Damage % @PrincessNinjato?
  • Wind3AngelWind3Angel
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    Great video! You just need to watch out for DR(Damage Reflect). Adjust transparency of skill effect to see DR sign.
  • RegretfuIlyRegretfuIly
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    Lol, it takes a bit of time to get used to, but you'll get the hang of it. Assuming you have pets with auto-heal, the only thing you really have to be wary of is that CPB likes to spam his DR a lot, and it lasts for quite a while. Other than that, you should be fine :)