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My Incedent Nexon Customer Support and Ban Appeals

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Preface: I have never used forums, and don't have great grammar so sorry in advance for any mistakes or placements of this in the wrong place. It will be broken up into sections so you can jump to relevant parts. (not sure what is needed or what isn't)
Preface Part 2: No I didn't come for sympathy trying to sway the community to help me etc. In terms of community it's just going to be an "i said/ Nexon said" this is more or less me reaching out to a person that can possibly help me or just get attention to this.

About Me: My Account is about 12 years old dating back to before pirates were a class, I have been legitimately banned once, back when people would leech off of hackers abusing the Full map teleport hack back in Lion Heart Castle, fully deserved it and served the punishment. I haven't played constantly the 12 years but I definitely played a great deal and have been around a long time. Never once actually accused of hacking. Anyway my account serves as a platform for me socializing with friends, as I can barely bring myself to grind hours away training my main ( Level 230), I play occasionally leveling the new classes released to 120 for the link skill of 200 for legion if it is a fun class. At time of ban the last 2 things i had trained were a Cadena to level 200 and my Mercedes remake, which happened during the burning event and that whole fiasco. (The Mercedes was my burning char at the time). I was a Windia player until the last world swap that came, where I moved to Bera, in Windia I was decently known and was known for afking a lot and not really doing much of anything but socializing, in Bera I'm hardly known.

Issue: (Now this is where it becomes the I said vs Nexon said because Nexon for whatever reason removed this ticket, meaning it's not longer on my account and it is about 8 months ago this ticket was sent, they did note that I had sent this ticket a long time ago, and had proof of the incident, but still the ticket is gone so I have nothing to show you the community) .
Obviously I was banned. So I shall start from the beginning, approximately 8 Months ago when I was still playing in Windia, I was afking off in future Perion, taking a break from training a mule, I opened a game of league of legends, yes many people have done this and nothing ever goes wrong ( The difference is that my league of legends files are edited, and i disclosed this information in both the first ban ticket, as well as in the 2nd ban ticket, could this have anything to do with maplestory; maybe or maybe it's irrelevant but I feel I need to include all information to prove that I am innocent) For whatever reason I was banned my maple closed automated Ban notification (dced for hack reason the grey text block that appears). Open up maple again after the League match and find I'm permanently banned, confused and worried I message them and send them the whole scenario of what happened, literally the see the ticket check it out, boom unbanned perfect everything was good, they admitted it was a mistake and I was fine. Time jump to the Latest burning event I'm sure everyone heard about it and is familiar with it, this is when i started to train my Mercedes, with the legitimate burning event taking place, before anyone even noticed the problems with the burning event. Still within the confines of actual burning event, then game goes down everyone kicked off etc. They fix the burning event and it's all good I didn't abuse the burning event on any char, (again not that the community can see this with me being off ranks for being banned, but I assume Someone with power or a GM [not sure] can see that nothing on my account had been leveled for MONTHS besides the Cadena and the Mercedes the legit burned character.) After the server came back up without rolling back or anything I was not banned, and was still able to play the game all good, didn't touch my Mercedes or do anything leveling related, headed to sleep and the next day or two days after I happened to open up league again (Bare in mind I have played league since the first ban without incident and thought it was a one time fluke) and start a match and got the familiar D/c for hacking notification pop up, annoyed but not worried I send a message to support and it being Friday or the weekend ban appeal was down and they had me wait until it was up, a bit bothered I said okay and was eager to message ban appeals on Tuesday, and the person in question that helped me said, something to likes of "Your account was banned for using Terminal and breaking the burning event". Now I'm no genius, but I'm almost certain 1 person didn't break Nexon's security and break the burning event for the entirety of Maplestory. At the time they had told me this, I tried to explain that I didn't even gain levels from the burning event except on my own burned character, and that I had no idea what Terminal even was . ( I did google it after talking to them and found out a bit about it) The person I was talking to wasn't trying to hear me out though not at all, so I constantly send tickets trying to dispute my ban and telling them this happened before and it's clearly a mistake, but they are dead set on telling me I broke the server, and I'm a horrible hacker abusing Terminal.
So of course not having broken the server or even gained off the burning event flaw and not being banned right away I definitely wanted to dispute this ban. The first ticket sent said I was still abusing terminal and that I was a hacker, again prodding what I actually did I was prompted with their automated response about being bad for the community , (bare in mind i just afk and don't really do anything I barely even convince myself to boss, I can't fathom what my alleged hacks were doing to the community, but I digress). The second ticket I sent a different GM prompted me saying i was banned for using Cheat Engine, now not being a hacker i had to figure out what this was as it was new information, I google around to find this Cheat Engine is an out of date way of hacking, I'm talking like years from what I saw, ( go ahead google "cheat engine Maplestory" Very out of date). I brought this up then got another automated response about me being bad for the community etc. The third ticket I sent I asked what proof what actions I have to it being me that I broke the server that I used terminal etc, then this GM just said your account will remain blocked, typical automated response that most people have gotten. So this time I changed what I wanted, since I felt i wasn't talking to someone who actually was reading my request or someone that could actually offer me help, I asked to speak to a supervisor GM or a Head of the team, about why this ban was different and how it happened before, and how i had the original ticket removed from my account. This Gm Said "Upon further investigation, we have determined that your account was involved in an activity which violated our Terms of Use or Code of Conduct. As a result, your account was banned.... "That whole spiel, Not once in that ticket had i mentioned trying to appeal the ban or trying to dispute it, so i contacted live support and they told me to send another ticket which i did, making it more clear that I wasn't trying to talk about disputing my ban and that i had questions I wanted answered about the missing ticket and why this ban was different. This gm "I understand you are appealing sanction on your ban and we have came up with the same result and your ban will remain in place and your future request to appeal this ban will be ignored" I specified what i wanted, "to know why you removed a ticket from my account and why this ban was different, and didn't appeal the ban in the last two tickets, but this GM said that out of no where. I'm almost certain he didn't read my request and just gave me an automated reply after looking for keywords in my ticket. Also the GMs all closed my tickets without letting me reply or get more clarification which is why I sent so many tickets.

What I actually came to the forums for: I came for a real person that can help get my case drawn to the eyes of A GM or someone in power that can actually look at my case review and give me information, I defended myself and explained the whole situation but the ticket system, just has become more lack luster as time has gone on. Again I'm not trying to beg for sympathy or anything, and don't really have anyway to prove myself to the community. I'm just hear stating what happened to me to try and get my case noticed.

Information/Replies to the Generic Comments that come to post like this: If there are people coming in here to say oh you got banned by the automated system it must be right, or you been on maple so long you must have started hacking eventually. Nexon has made false bans before, the ban they did on me first back about 8 months ago, and plenty of other people. Also No I haven't started hacking and made no plans to with the money I put into my account and the time and sentimental Value it has to me. Now I know what some of you might say, oh if you're on it just to socialize then make a new account, Yes I can and have played on an account that i can socialize with people, the things wrong with that, I don't have all the looks, the ability to go everywhere my other account went, all my friends, access to my guild, and so much more. Oh you edited your league files or cheat on league what makes it so you can't cheat on Maplestory. Maplestory has had over 10 years of my life invested into it, league of legends you can buy a level 30 accounts with champions and BE and skin for anywhere between 10-40$ there is a way bigger sentimental and emotional attachment to my Maplestory Account.
This account means so much to me, but if I am actually a detriment to the community and Nexon is so sure I'm hacking I would be willing to let them strip my account of every last bit of Gear (training stat stuff) and my money on any or all of my characters, literally all i care about is the aesthetics of my main account and the Nx things I have pets, tele rock, faces, etc. I'm not going to lie I would be rather upset if that was the case, but I stand by what I said i didn't hack, and am willing to do whatever to get my case seen by an actual person, and just get back to Maplestory. I'm not trying to turn this last but into an emotional post and tear jerk people, but this game means a lot to me sadly and is important and i am upset that i was wronged. Being blamed for breaking the whole burning event is a bit extreme, on top of saying I was hacking.

Extra Stuff: At time of ban I was afking in Chu Chu doing absolutely nothing, same with the original ban, just it being in Future Perion. I have all tickets and conversation with the GMs except for the ticket detailing my original ban removal, if the community is interested in it for some reason. I will answer and questions or things that may have been unclear, again I'm new to forums and hope this right.

Tl:dr I was banned and feel it's unjust (as most people do when they are banned), and just want answers and conversation with an actual person that can supply me help.

This concludes my post, if someone feels this should be moved to a rant, I will gladly move my post over to the correct place, but I felt this was better and more correct, since I'm not exactly ranting but reaching out for help. Thank you for your time and input on this matter.