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[Suggestion] Style Box and Gachapon Notifications

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With the new patch came one feature I have been waiting since the announcement of it on KMS. The new chat features that allow for a better chat and allowing for the chat to be placed outside of the game window. However, I have already noticed a few issues with it. When I first put it outside of the game window I noticed an immediate issue of notifications. There is a Mega tab designated for megaphones but when someone gets an item from a surprise style box or gachapon it puts it in the regular chat window. It would be nice to have these notifications put into the megaphone tab since that is practically what they are. Another issue related to this is usually when people get an item from gach or boxes one can click the notification and see what the item looks like, yet if the chat box is out of the game that is no longer possible. It would also be nice to still click the notification and see the item in a specific window. I have not been able to test it with item megaphones yet but I would assume it would be the same. Will respond to post later with an update.


The final issue I have seen for it comes more from recording software. In OBS when trying to do a window capture of the game it targets the chat window and there is no possible way to get it to target the game. This might be an issue that OBS developers would have to solve but for the meantime, it is quite bothersome.