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UI Customization and Fixes for External Chat

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What I mean by this is make the entire window expandable horizontally and/or vertically, allow for customization of height of each box within the window, allow for multiple boxes to be created, allow for drag-and-drop customization of chats. Also, at the moment there is no option to add Spouse chat to any of the custom chat tabs, making All chat the only way to communicate with your spouse.

Another point that I'd like to make is that there is no way to filter out the notification for players opening boxes and other messages of the sort in All chat. I think would be more appropriate if it belonged to the box established for Megaphone messages, you could incorporate it in the same tab or create a separate one, or maybe even customize that box, too!

Edit 1: There is also a unique problem for users playing through the Steam launcher. When you open the Steam overlay while in game, the UI is very unstable and will not stay consistently in the same place, jumping from the game window to the chat window randomly. Also, the default setting for notifications that Steam gives when you receive a message while you're in game shows up in both the chat window and game window, but the position in each will change randomly even while its showing the same notification.

Edit 2: Just came across a bug where my streaming software, OBS, couldn't hook the game properly and would rapidly switch between the chat window and the game window while maintaining the dimensions of the chat window by default.

Edit 3: Found out the chat window doesn't maintain its position on the desktop after switching characters or relaunching the game. Does anyone else think that it should keep its positioning?


  • DetrivanceDetrivance
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    edited March 2018
    I made a post similar to yours explaining and showing the issues. But yes I completely agree with you that the external chat could be improved upon. A fix that I found for obs is that if you go in and out of Cash shop it will refocus the game. For your 3rd edit I feel it should keep positioning when relogging on a new character but if you reopen the game you should need to have to reposition it how you like.
  • DalethDaleth
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    I am having a issue where the fps of the game is reduced to 5 or 10 when using the external chat window, it's not lagging my computer, maple only takes like 5% of my cpu with or without it. it seems like the fps gets capped or something. I am using the steam client. I first tried the chat today so idk when it started. Windows 10, up to date drivers. if it matters I am using multiple vpns and tunnels along with a program called proxifier (I only bring this up because a cursory google search revealed some people saying blocking on of maples ips would fix lag, and proxifier is a winsocks level proxy program (and maple connects to their actual ips in a similar fashion last I checked) the threads that said this are several years old though.)