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Royal system revamp

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I'm not sure if something similar has been suggested before, but my idea is to turn each royal face and hair style into a coupon which can be freely traded between players until applied. This is already present in the following styles:

Ballroom Classic Hair Coupon (F)
Ellinia Hair Coupon (F)
Henesys Hair Coupon (F)
Kerning City Hair Coupon (M)
Nautilus Hair Coupon (F)
Perion Hair Coupon (M)
Pretty Girl Hair Coupon (F)
Evan Hair Coupon (M)
Evan Hair Coupon (F)
Fairy King Oberon Hair Coupon (Male)
Fairy Queen Titania Hair Coupon (Female)
Lively Waved Hair Coupon (F)
Bed Head Coupon (M)
Lady Blair Hair Coupon (F)
Time World Alice Hair Coupon (F)
Time World White Rabbit Hair Coupon (M)
Victory Rider Hair Coupon (M)
Glowy Butterfly Hair Coupon (M)
Glowy Butterfly Hair Coupon (F)
+ explorer face coupons
+ others

So why not do the same for the rest?

Obtaining a particular hair or face is a frustrating experience for a lot of maplers, particularly if you only want 1/6 or 1/9 styles from a rotation. Both me and my friends have ended up with countless royals that we have simply refused to save because they were ugly to our tastes. Other times we’ve gotten a style which we would rather transfer to a different character. To me this is a huge waste when someone else could benefit from this 'luck' while we could gain some profit from the nx we’ve spent.

Changing the royal system into something like premium surprise style boxes would be a much more welcome change for everyone as it would provide some compensation for obtaining an unwanted hair/face. More players would be able to complete their character designs and there’ll be no wastage and no jealousy of others’ luck (when comparing tries). Furthermore, those who are tired from PSSBs/chairs/gacha/etc can keep their profits up with royals.

Firstly, this will could to be split into three options: the fortnightly royal rotation, seasonal royals, and 'pot luck'. The fortnightly rotation is self-explanatory as they will change every 2 weeks like they do now, seasonal royals will be available during valentines/anniversary/etc, and pot luck will be chosen from all the possible styles for those who want to take the risk.

Please share your opinion below!


  • GalvarGalvar
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    Please no! That's wouldn't be a great idea what-so-ever.
    If royal hairs were to become like the premium surprise style box, then the odds of getting a particular hairstyle you want would be even lower than it is currently. The reason being is that Nexon would probably add 50 or more tradeable royal style coupons to a particular rotation, thus making it go from a 1/6,1/9,1/12 percent chance depending on the rotation, to a 1/50, 1/100, percent chance to get the style you want.
    Plus, the aftermarket for the "desirable" coupons would probably be insane, given the prices for the desirable coupons that can be gotten through the Chapin right now.
    Personally, I think that instead of making them similar to the Premium Surprise Style box, the royal hairs in the pool shouldn't be able to repeat themselves. I.e if you get a certain hairstyle you wouldn't be able to get the hairstyle you got already, until you go through every style in the pool. This would drastically reduce the amount of coupons spent since you wouldn't be able to get screwed with repeat styles, depending on your luck.
    Another thing that could work is a VIP Royal Style coupon, which would be slightly more money than the regular Royal Style, but allow you to choose a hairstyle from the current rotation of Royals, akin to a VIP hair coupon.
    However, the odds of Nexon listening to either suggestion is slim or next to nothing as these options have probably been suggested, but Nexon chooses not to listen to these types of suggestions.