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Additional boost nodes for Kanna

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The Fifth Job V Matrix and its related boost nodes have been set in stone for a fairly long time, yet a fundamental design issue remains for the class Kanna. Three of Kanna's skills that are crucial to its gameplay do not possess boost nodes, and are left at a level where they do subpar damage. None of them can have boost nodes found through opening Nodestones or created in the V Matrix through the use of Nodeshards. I’d like to ask why these skills were not given boost nodes in the first place, but perhaps that question can only be answered by a game design team abroad in a separate Maplestory region. Giving these three skills the ability to have their damage increased through boost nodes would greatly enhance Kanna players' experience in Maplestory.

These three skills can be seen here:
latest?cb=20180607174206Blackhearted Curse
latest?cb=20120817141108Kishin Shoukan
latest?cb=20180607172350Monkey Spirits

[With level 50 from two boost nodes]
Blackhearted Curse: Given 2% per node level as a 4th Job Hyper Skill, this skill would rise from a single hit of 500% to 1000%. Blackhearted Curse helps deal damage to monsters surrounding the player but often falls short in killing monsters. In an average boss fight, this skill can be seen as 2 to 3% of the player’s damage output in a Battle Analysis.

Kishin Shoukan: Given 3% per node level as a 3rd Job skill, this skill would rise from two hits of 150% to 375%. For now, this skill is used primarily for its effect of increasing a map’s monster respawn rate and monster cap. It can be used to clear or assist in clearing a platform of monsters for farming and training, but is extremely weak. Boost nodes for this skill and Blackhearted Curse in particular would be a massive benefit to Kanna mains trying to progress through the Arcane River.

Monkey Spirits: Given 2% per node level as a 4th Job skill, this skill would rise from three hits of 150% to 300%. This skill is often overlooked, even for its exp-increasing benefit. Slightly weaker than Blackhearted Curse, it will do 2 to 3% of the player’s damage in a Battle Analysis during a typical boss fight.

Currently, Kanna has 15 available boost nodes. Of these 15, 9 are undoubtedly of low importance, due to not being used at all, or being used solely for the sake of utility.
From least to most useful:
- Clay Yaksha
- Rock Yaksha
- Shikigami Charm (used for general movement and positioning in bosses)
- Ether Pulse (used for general movement and positioning in bosses)
- Falling Sakura (inconsistent party healing)
- Binding Tempest (minor damage, used for bind a handful of times throughout a boss)
- Nine-tailed Fury (moderate damage, used primarily for the buff it gives)
- Veritable Pandemonium (moderate damage, used for bind a handful of times throughout a boss)
- Shikigami Haunting (can be used in farming and bossing, but falls off in both roles compared to other skills)

Ideally, the three (Blackhearted Curse, Kishin Shoukan, and Monkey Spirits) would simply be added to those 15 for a total of 18 boost nodes. If there is a concern on Nexon's part that too many boost nodes are an inconvenience, it would be reasonable to remove 3 skills of the 9 listed above. Kanna has been neglected quite a bit following its massive nerf after the Tune-Up patch in which Haku’s Blessing was completely changed. Some attention was given to the class when it received a bit of critical damage % on Spirit Path following a change directly ported from the Japanese Maplestory server, but the class is still severely underpowered.

In its current state, Kanna continues to give a large amount of utility to its party through the use of buffs, healing, and binds, but suffers immensely when facing solo content. A large portion of this is due to the new Haku’s Blessing, where Kanna gains Final Damage % related to the number of party members that are buffed (5% buffing self vs. 30% buffing an entire party). While that is a different topic entirely, I hope that Nexon can take the time to consider Kanna giving some boost nodes for skills that have been missing and would result in a much smoother gameplay experience for Kanna mains.

Thanks to OdysseyTwo for the correction on boost nodes~ Woops.


  • OdysseyTwoOdysseyTwo
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    Boost Nodes give Final Damage, meaning damage is increased multiplicatively, not additively. So at max level, 4th Job skills actually do double damage (Blackhearted Curse would do 1000% damage, while Monkey Spirits would do 300% damage), while 3rd Job skills do 2.5x the normal amount (Kishin Shoukan would deal 375% damage).
  • TamirkoTamirko
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    I definitely agree with this, Kanna has a lot of problems training alone and that extra damage would help a lot, both in training and bossing.

    Not to mention that nearly every skill that deals damage has a boost node related to it, yet Kanna has a bunch of skills that are not boosted by boost nodes for some reason, it's pretty inconsistent.

    While we're at it - most character summon skills have been changed a long time ago to be able to critically strike, yet Kishin Shoukan still can't critically strike, I would like to see that change, too.
  • ArgentArgent
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    I'm on the fence here. While Kanna could certainly benefit from these nodes, I wouldn't look forward to leveling up 2 more nodes. With decent skill nebs on the way out, we're going to be hurting for node slots. Sure, you could unequip your decent nodes for training or buy higher slots for meso if you aren't already 250 but that isn't ideal.

    If we get these 3 nodes that would put Kanna at 18 different boost nodes along the likes of Evan, with only Hayato and Zero having more (19 and 20 respectively). I don't know about you guys but trying to get perfect trinodes sounds positively awful.