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YouTube Series - Gauging User Interest Level

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Hi Maplers,

I don't consider myself an Expert and have played MapleStory on and off since ~2008 (I've never capped any Characters). I've been on a several year hiatus due to life and corporate work as a Millennial Adult. Though for some reason my interest in trying out MapleStory has sparked again. At the same time I was thinking of making a Let's Play type of YouTube series for MapleStory. I'm curious to test out a pilot video to find out. It's sad to see not many people are viewing GMS at all (e.g. YouTube or Twitch) and even KMS has some low view counts.

I suppose the difference would be that I would be playing from literal scratch unlike a lot of people I see on YouTube who still hook their new character up with tons of items/mesos, pay to win, use Burning, or level boost with friends. Obviously I can only do my best to prove that I'm not one of those.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts.


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