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Stamp Exchange Suggestions

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I was told by one of Aru's lovely followers that he was taking suggestions for what kind of items that we'd like to see. Here are the last four rotations.

http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/11754 June 22, 2016
http://maplestory.nexon.net/micro-site/20208 January 18, 2017
http://maplestory.nexon.net/micro-site/23434 June 21, 2017
http://maplestory.nexon.net/micro-site/26724 November 29, 2017

I would personally like to see these items!
Orchid's Black Wing Hat 0?showears=false&showLefEars=false&resize=2&name=&flipX=undefined
Dark Lotus Uniform0?showears=false&showLefEars=false&resize=2&name=&flipX=undefined
Aqua Phoenix Robe0?showears=false&showLefEars=false&resize=2&name=&flipX=undefined
Akarin's Flowerly Dress 0?showears=false&showLefEars=false&resize=2&name=&flipX=undefined
Crimson Fate Topcoat0?showears=false&showLefEars=false&resize=2&name=&flipX=undefined
Preppy Knit Vest0?showears=false&showLefEars=false&resize=2&name=&flipX=undefined

These are just some things I want, so y'all feel free to post what you'd like to see!


  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    I agree that the Orchid's Black Wing set should be put into Stamps. The Akarin's would be nice too...my dream would be if the Pitch Dark Poem came in to Stamp rotation...but it is a dream :T
  • SeiyuSeiyu
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    Would love to see the Frost Staff weapon in the shop. 0?showears=false&showLefEars=false&resize=1&name=&flipX=false&bgColor=0,0,0,0

  • TsundereKyuTsundereKyu
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    Pious Shaman Robe was in the pre-revamp of surprise boxes. Where you traded in stamps for 1 box. I would like to see it in the shop. 00ES3-5187494b-9dc2-4e50-acbc-15fe831be8c8.png (The overall the girl is wearing on the left)
  • bobsybobsy
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    I agree that we should have a rotation soon it's been MONTHS. at least half a year. should really keep updating this shop because it actually gives purpose to all the NX you get that you don't like. the suggestions from the OP are amazing aswell.