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Why does Maplestory M get SO grindy?

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The title pretty much sums it up, but:

My initial reaction to the game was that it was a fantastic adaptation for mobile. I wish they had gone with a traditional approach (like real Maple) and less geared towards the "power rating, forging, etc." kind of setup... - But overall, I've been pretty impressed.

The thing that got me though, is when I hit level 80. The moment I hit 80, I realized that the amount of content drops off entirely - forcing you to get into dungeons and raids to be able to level; both of which are on a "buy now with diamonds" type of system once you've done your free 3 daily ones.

Now, post level 90 (I'm currently level 93) - it's just absolutely ridiculous. I have done all of my daily dungeons - and have been using the mini dungeon vouchers with exp buffs for 6 hours and still have barely made any progress. I've done the guild banquet, daily hunting log, etc... - but it's gotten to the point that I either need to come back tomorrow for a few dungeons, or start coughing up money if I want to continue playing.

What's up with this pay-to-play model? It's ruining a perfectly good mobile app.

(Also; for reference: On post-level-90 quests, you receive 725,000 experience per quest completion. At level 65-75, I completed a few quests that yielded 1,100,000 EXP. Just looking at that, you can tell that it is BLATANTLY geared to get you to 80-90 fast, and then force you into paying if you want to hit that 100+ end-game area of the game).

#rantday lol


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    To be fair, most mobile games are designed to keep you on the app as long as possible and get you to make in-app purchases.