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Plz fix server- From Dawn Warrior`

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I'm honestly just thinking about quitting my main as dawn warrior. Speeding Sunset/Moon Dancer is the primary attack against boss, and I can't do full damage because of the server lag bugging the equinox cycle to not alternate and slow down. I use to be able to just switch to different channel with less lag, but now after several maintenance, nexon has managed to take out every decently stable channel completely. Every channel I switch to has severe lag, leading to solid 2 sec delay between equinox cycle and eventually ends with server crash. Saddest thing is that it's not even just dawn warrior. Every job has much longer delay between their attacks. It makes the game so slow and frustrating to play and the worst part is that this problem won't get fixed no matter how many maintenance is done.


  • TapiokaTapioka
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    Yeah half the channels lag like s***! Sometimes I just log out because I hate the immense delay.