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How are these guys on lab not banned...


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    Don't accuse others of hacking on this forum.

    why shouldn't we i mean to solve a issue you must address it don't ya think? this is why nexon had yet to get rid of them maybe you know or don't know but to find out it has to been said. I don't see no wrong of saying someone is a hacker if you can present the proof. I think that being pc is what is ruining this game. We should have in game mandatory reporters so we can find out who's doing it. plus You can check from the programmer side how long it took them and you can easily see who's hacking and who isn't. I don't say this to get anyone mad just speaking from the real and the real is with you deleting the comments and not finding out what hes talking about your missing out on a good opportunity to solve the issue. what if the person he claim was hacking was indeed a hacker and he controlled all the bots? you could of gotten the name found out from the crew if he really was and ban him and his account easy like they used to do back in the day. But my comment might be deleted as well but I speak my peace and say that we should change that way of thinking to help solve issues as issues are never solve if there none to be presented or shown.

    Nobody on these forums can ban anyone from the game.
    If you have proof of someone hacking, you need to present it to Nexon's Customer Support (http://support-maplestory.nexon.net), and they will investigate and ban.

    Accusing people of hacking on the forums will not get them banned, but can cause unnecessary drama. That is why it's not allowed.

    Agreed but honestly the chance of a ban even after being investigated is terribly low.
    As far as my experience goes.

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    If you are not a thief, at least scroll stuffs for HP. I honestly never got killed by yeti with enough HP. Well tbh the first time I hit 3rd job, I didn't start scrolling but i got lucky to survive, as Hero.