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Corsair Eight legs Easton animation/delay

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edited October 2018 in Bug Reporting
With the recent patch of v.199 one of Corsairs mobbing skill was reworked, here is what it states in the patch notes

-Eight-Legs Easton: When using the skill normally, it will have a larger area of effect.
-When pressing the down key while using the skill, it will prevent you from being pushed back by enemy attacks, but reduce the skill's area of effect.

Both of this has been changed, however for the first part (when using the skill without pressing the down key) seems to cause the skill to have added animations, causing a delay. Making the skill MUCH slower than it is supposed to be.

The video posted on this reddit thread shows what I mentioned above.

Here the video above is of a Corsair in kms after their rework of the skill (the time stamp at 26 seconds in shows the skill in action)

There is a huge difference in timing. Also to add to the fact that in the kms video the user did not have either booster nor decent SI
In the video posted on the reddit thread, the user had both booster and SI buffs. (just to point out the vast difference in how it should be working)

Character name: Sanjay
Character level: 235
Character job: Corsair
World name: Bera
Date and time of the incident: Post V.199 update


  • DrewsPistolDrewsPistol
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    Can you guys please fix this. I would really love to grind me some symbols, nodes, and mesos. However, this bug is extremely painful to play with even if the class has a decent amount of full map attacks. It is in my opinion by far more worst than when we had that bug that would disconnect us when 2 ships would hit the same target.. We would disconnect, but could just play the game without using the ships. Since we don't disconnect the annoyingness of attacking with Eight Legs Easton and then having to sit there for a second or 2 is so uncalled for, and time consuming.

  • SilentJudicatorSilentJudicator
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    OMG! I thought I was the only one experiencing this...and yes, my corsair feels extremely clumsly right now. I cannot even turn a different direction after using the skill right now. The patch notes said nothing about reducing its speed...and even WITH booster and MPE green pot on, it is still too slow to mob with, taking away my motivation fo training.
  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    Hey Guys

    Just letting you know I'm looking into this.

    Thanks for the report!
  • PirateIzzyPirateIzzy
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    Looking at KMS, their versions of these skills have 960ms, while in GMS the longer range has 1320ms, and the shorter has 960ms.
  • DyammyDyammy
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    edited October 2018
    I just feels like the player animation is longer then the skill animation, and that kinda feel off