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HELLO LADY ADMINISTRATOR MY AD HERE is to inform you that I have a problem with the ARCANE CATALYST.
Well getting to the point is that a few days ago I transferred my arcane to another character and I gave the surprise that I could not use it ... I would not know if it is a mistake because it is the first time I have done this and I would like to solve the problem. case because now I can not use my arcane simbol ... it's all as soon as I have to inform you thank you very much that you have a good night here the video https://youtube.com/watch?v=xAv9PUkm1zE


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    "This video is unavailable" so I cannot see where the problem is.

    Please make sure that you are following the instructions, as given in the Ark Update Notes:
    • Using the Arcane Catalyst, you will be able to transfer Arcane Symbols to other characters within the same world.
    • You can use the Arcane Catalyst to change the Arcane Symbol into an unstable state.
    • When you change it to an unstable Arcane Symbol, the growth level and stats are reset, and the item EXP will decrease by a certain ratio.
    • The unstable Arcane Symbol can be transferred within the World and cannot be equipped.
    • You can double-click the unstable Arcane Symbol to return it to a normal Arcane Symbol state.
    • To return the Arcane Symbol, you must have completed the quest to obtain the pertinent Arcane Symbol, and must not already own or have the same Arcane Symbol equipped.
    • The stats of the Arcane Symbol will be changed according to the main stats for the character that normalized it.
    • Arcane Catalyst can be purchased in the Legion Coin Shop, and is not sold in Reboot world.