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Will boss guide

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Will is a boss from the Zero storyline that re-appeared in Esfera to help the Black Mage, he's a lv250 boss that can only be entered lv235+, requiring 760 arcane force minimum to do 100% of your damage not counting your level, which is another important factor.

Beying able to enter only once per day and clear once a week, he is on a similar level to Lucid, 300%defense and 25,2t hp for Normal and 124T for hard, with few diferences between normal and hard like attacks that deal more %hp in hard and his total health, so this guide can help for both difficulties.

As said before since he's lv250, normaly people go above lv240+, you will lose a lot of damage because of damage reducion per level, at lv240 you lose 25% of your damage and in Reboot 50%, so it's really important that you get close to 250 or be 250 for this boss, even 10% of damage lost still make a lot of diference in the end.
Getting the 1140 arcane power will make you gain the 50%bonus damage from arcane force, but it takes a while to get to that amount so not something everyone will rely on.

As of today you can enter and practice this boss without using your one day entry, 5 extra times everyday in total, making a lot easier and faster to train either being a new player to this boss or helping a new party member, remember that you can enter 7 times if you count Hard and Normal Will's entries.

Will drop itens, but the most important is the coin that is only obtainable from him, the Stone Cobweb Droplet, this coin is required to manufacture the Arcane Umbra or lv200 equipment, here's all itens you can get from the shop NPC in Esfera town, HOWEVER the shoulders are by far the most valuable item in this shop, i sugest never buy any weapon in this shop, Lucid's coins are easier to obtain and cheaper.

You can make the shop coins with this NPC, you will need 1 from Will and other 10 from Esfera monsters ONLY, it's a lot more expensive than Absolab set equipment(requiring weeks of boss+ a lot of time hunting monsters).

If you end up going in HARD MODE you will have a chance to drop one of the itens that are obtainable in his shop and a 100% GARANTEE to drop this nodestone, the one that grants Will's skill in the Esfera questline, aside from a max of 3 coins instead of just 2 in Normal mode.

Since it's garantee to get the nodestone, Hard mode is far more valuable than normal mode, you will always get something from killing him and the nodestone can level up your Will skill which is impossible to do without any Event nodestone(that level up any skill), it's also a item that can be sold in normal servers so it's extra money every week you clear it.

He has 3 phases with his theme of Mirrors, first phase he divide into a real and a mirrored self, phase 2 he uses mostly the mirror on the ground to attack and phase 3 he have no Mirror to use and turn into his Spider form to attack you.

Firstly i wanna say and recommend you have your skills with transparency for you and others,
and for whose have familiars,use familairs that recover HP, Platoon Chronos(but he heals less) can be better since he's smaller.

Also resisteace skill, altought not necessary, but really usefull, specially for phase 2 and 3.

Any skill that can bind/lock the boss in place is really usefull for this boss since he tend to stay invisible or untargatable for a good period of the fight in Phase 1 and 3

-Ok so, in all 3 phases of this boss he has 6 common skills, 3 skills that act on its own and 3 attacks that Will himself use, and lastly you( the player) will have 1 new skill to use inside there:

@@@Firstly is the spider leg that appears every 2seconds at the top of the map, sometimes a bigger delay, they will do 20% of your hp if they hit you, but you can tell evertime where they will fall unless you are distracted.
Look that there's a preparation for the attack to land, so pay attention to that, also you can pass throught the leg attack and not take damage right after it was casted, just look at right side of the image as i was changing positions.

Also the spider legs tend to change place where they will attack next, so you can usually change positions to where they attacked, that way you have a higher chance to avoid the next attack.

Note: Phase 1 and 2 will have constantly leg attacks in the corners, so avoid em as much as possible

@@@Second is his small ball summon(usually summoned in group of 3 or 4), it has no hp and does 10% of your hp, it will self-destruct if you pass throught it or he hits you, the summon will be a shared summon so other party members can destroy it or tank it.

Note: Since it can hit multiple people at once it's better that some person destroys it before reaching others, avoiding more damage.

Look at the image bellow, i passed throught the orbs as i was changing positions and they exploded and vanished, he usually summons 3/4 at once.

@@@Third and not so impactully is the eye summon, it's attacks does 10% of your hp, it removes some of your moonlight as well.

It summons small balls that will spread in the map

This image shows removing 10% of the total moonlight(each orbs removed 5%), it's more impactfull in phase 2 and 3.

@@@His attacks consist of 3 types: 2 that just does damage and other that push players away from him, all of them does 20% of your hp upon hit.
Exemple of one attack that just does damage(in phase 1 and 2):
One example of him pushing Maplers on phase 2:

@@@The skill you gain is the Moonlight skill(s), you can see how charged it's near the minimap(it's default place), you can fill it by dodging attacks and NOT TAKING ANY HITS FOR AT LEAST 1 SECOND, remember when because you have to avoid for more than 1 second to gain moonlight, attacking Will or not won't matter, it's just dodging.

The best way to fill it is just dodge the summons and WIll's attacks.
You will need to use your NPC/harvest button to active it, regardless of the phase you are in:

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HARD MODED: you will recover/gain half of your moonlight in hard mode so you HAVE to dodge some of the attacks else you won't have enough moonlight specially for phase 3 where you need more.

Now let's go to Phase 1:TuTSs1T.png

Phase 1 can usually take 10~~11minutes to clear

@@@Phase is where he will divide himself into two, one of himself will stay in the Real word(Blue/White) and the other on the Mirror word(Purple),
NOTE: BIND THE PURPLE DIMENSION WILL, HE IS HARDER TO HIT, he usually takes longer to be vunerable
That way he will have 3 health bars:
One bar is his real health bar, the other two are his dimensions health bars, Purple one on top and Blue one on bottom, in order for you to damage his real health bar you need to damage both of his dimensions in a certain amount of time before the real health gets uptated to the lowest health bar of the two dimensions.

The real health bar will be uptated whenever there's a break, a event that occurr every 2 minutes starting at around 28:50 of the timer, it's a hit kill that attack ONE of the dimensions, it doesn't matter if you die during a normal break.

The Break animation in the dimension it hits.

The only way to prevent dying from it is either using some invenciblity skill or changing dimensions(using moonlight) to the safe dimension, but it's random which dimension will be safe, so you have to pay attention to the eye that appears in the middle of the map, the eye will always APPEAR in the safe dimension, that way if you don't see the eye close to the Break's time(usually around 50 or a bit lower) you should be switching dimensions.
Remember it will happen around x(pair number):45~~30(it will decrease the second's time if you stay too long in the Phase 1).

It's un the center of the map, so not hard to miss.

To switch dimensions you will need to use your new skill, the moonlight in this phase will be just for that, switch dimensions so you can avoid the crack hit kill and also hit both Wills.

You will use about 40%of hour moonlight when switching, so you can only switch twice in a short amount of time.

Remember you will be invencible during the switching(unless you and/or the server is lagging), so you can safely change dimensions, aside that you can abuse this to be invencible during a break(if you time it right you can change dimensions right when a Break happens).

Note: Usually partys will be able to do 1/3 of Will's health or one segment of his total HP(1/3 of both dimensions) every 2 minutes after the first break of around 28:50.

Once you do enough damage to Will, you will reach one of the limiters/segments of his health, these limit you for progressing throught his hp until you do a test to remove it.

To remove the segment you need to survive the normal break (IF ANY PARTY MEMBER DIES YOU WON'T PASS THE TEST) and the test/segment break(same happens, if anyone dies during it you will just fail and need to wait other 2 minutes to try again, on a similar time as the first break/normal break.).

Note: Sometimes you can die BEFORE the tests begins and any break happens, but it won't make you fail it.

The test/segment happens after the normal break, you will be randomly teleported to one of the dimensions(you can't switch dimensions during the test/segment) with just a eye in the middle of the map, there will be one eye in each of the dimensions, Will won't attack during the test.

The test lasts 20seconds and you need to protect yourself in some way to pass it, either using a i-frame(invencibility skill) or the actual mechanic of the test that gives a shield that protect any player in it in both dimensions, you will need to hit the eye(about 2/3 times is enough) so it spawns yellow balls that form a shield where the eye remains(if any player pick it up), but sadly if you hit the eye in your dimension it will only spawn yellow balls in the other dimension, so you NEED someone else to help you out or use a summon/attack(as long it hit the eye) to spawn yellow balls to your dimension.

Note:Remember the tests lasts 20seconds, so remember to time the invencibility well if you are going solo.

Just watch out for the purple balls that falls during the test(and a bit after it as well) since it won't be blocked by the shield, if you end up getting one they take 51% of your HP(2hit ko) so dodging or using potion as soon one hits you IS IMPORTANT.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Don't die after the crack happened or you will not pass the segment(Watch out for the falling balls).

As long AT LEAST HALF OR HALF THE PARTY wasn't dead BEFORE the test/segment starts you will be able to pass throught and progress

REMEMBER, everytime you pass a segment he will stay dizzy for 10/11 seconds after the test is completed, the segment will be freed soon after he stays like that, use this oportunity to attack him and hold any binds your team/you have to after the 10seconds(maxamizing your party's damage).

@@@Once you know how his health works and how to pass it the only real problem dodging his strongest attack, the eye attack that deals 90% of your HP upon hit, he throws in one direction that will go until the end of the map, it's very tall and hardly any class can dodge by jumping upwards.

The only way to dodge is by either changing dimensions since it will be a diferent Will in the other dimension or going to his back so you will be in the oposing direction of the eye attack, you can see me getting to him with my hookshot skill making me land right on his back, dodging the attack.

Look at the image above and the gif bellow how he have a SPECIFIC animation for the eye attack, so if you remember you will always know when to move, it's similar to Gollux, always go to his back to avoid attacks, one tip is that his eye attack have a minimum of 10seconds cool down, so you can have freedom to attack him if he used it.

Note: You can just tank the attack and heal immediately after, but if you do so you risk either dying(not having 90%hp) or having to dodge the leg attacks that does 10%hp, killing you, also remember you can take the Eye attack+a summon/purple orb and still not die.

@@@Will can also teleport himself in the same dimension he is in every 2 to 5 seconds, that doesn't mean much until you consider he can cast his Eye attack in one of the corners of the map(remember the Eye attack will continue until the end of the map), so your position is important at all times because of this, like in the image bellow i was in the corner and he teleported to me,in this case i just teleported to the other dimension to avoid trouble.

@@@In phase 1 he can also teleport people to the other dimension (at 50%chance), sometimes even to the same dimension but a diferent position, you will know when there's this animation on your character, i sugest you always have a high %hp so you can potentially tank a Eye attack if you get bad lucky on the teleportation.

@@@Remember he has normal attacks and his push attack as well, his push attack isn't too problematic, but it does make you with inverted controls, so watch out for that:
This is the attack that pushs you:

Now we can move to Phase 2:

This phase can take half the time of Phase 1 (maybe around 5~~7 minutes avarage).

Phase 2 now just have one Will, you can freely damage him until the segments in his health bar, he usually uses the mirror on the ground to perform attacks.

Remember that his spider leg attack is like phase 1, but they can come from the ground as well with a diferent animation.

His health bar is not only lower than Phase1, but it's a relative easier Phase to take down, the problem is that you can't use any potion in this phase and NO HEALING WILL WORK(no healling from skills as well), ONLY Familiars can heal on it's own, the only way to heal is using your moonlight to use only one potion, you can see on top of your character the abnormal status that blocks healling.
This mechanic of Heal block that makes Familiars a necessity unless you want harder.
Once you use your Moonlight, for 5 seconds you will be temporalily cloaked with an aura that will represent you are freed from the healing block, sadly because we have a 5seconds cool down to use potions in this boss it will only last enough for just one potion to be used at a time.
You can use once the Moonlight the skill itself will have a 5seconds cool down and use about 40% of your total Moonlight, so you can't just spam it so you are forced to know when to use your Moonlight, but at least it fill pretty fast if you are dodging Will's attacks, and remember, this Phase is important to dodge the Red eye's attack that deplete your moonlight.

@@@Once you can deal with the Heal block, the biggest problems should be: the spider web, his push skill and the test segment:

The web is casted on each side of the map , it does 90% of your hp on contact(in hard mode it's a 1hit-ko, so you can't have any failure if you approach it)

Note: Remember that thiefs can ignore it by using Dark Sight, they can just pass throught it.

You can see the specific animation when he cast the webs on the map, not too necessary, but helps to know and plan in advance.

Remember you can stay just in between the corner of the map and the web, problem is you can die by taking too much damage.

@@@His push skill is the main reason the webs are problematic, if he's in the middle he can push you you to a corner of the map, with a web summoned0 you can potentially die when that happens, sometimes you will just get thrown to the corner and ignore the web for some reason.

Now here comes the main diference in Will's attacks in phase 2, in this phase he can only attack once with his real self, then he will use his mirrored self to attack you while facing the oposite way, look at the image bellow, so you might have to think if his last attack was in the same direction he was looking.

Usually he uses 1 real attack, then 1 to 2 mirred ones before he changes again to facing where he will attack next.


  • IvangoldIvangold
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    @@@His test/segment is just like Phase 1, survive or the test will fail, the test can easily throw off a run before you even reach phase 3, so it's more important to train for this specific part of the Phase and even boss enterily, it's one of the reasons this boss is more complicated and difficult than Lucid(it also limit the number of playes that can clear it) mostly because people die out of lives in this phase.

    In this test Will and all the maps attacks won't be occurring just like Phase 1, instead the leg attack will do 90% of your HP, so it's dangerous to take hits in this part, and like in the image bellow the players stayed in the corner of the map(left is ideal, right side is more difficult to do the test) since the Leg Attacks don't reach the corners, also IF YOU DIE IN THIS PART THE TEST WILL FAIL.

    Now, look at the message the NPC will give you at the center of the screen, when that message appears the test will begin and every player should go to the left corner or pay attention to the Spider Legs and dodge them to not lose 90%hp (2hit ko case).


    Every time the start tests there will be a 3 set of leg attacks in the entire map that occur 4 times before the test is over(making over 15seconds of test), sometimes you will have to dodge em (going in the corner or not), but sometimes a crack in the mirror floor of the map will appear, when that happens you will have to do the OPOSITE, you go into the spider leg or else you will take a 90%hp hit, it may sound weird, but that's how it works, the crack is very visible but try to focus when the test start, at times you will immediately have to go into the spider legs right after it starts.


    This Gif bellow shows very well, BUT REMEMBER, if you don't go to the spider legs or use a invencibility skill you will lose 90% of your health every time the spider legs attacks, if you aren't close to any spider leg, so YOU MUST FOLLOW THE SPIDER LEG ATTACK.

    Like in the gif above shows, the test have a cicle of 3 spider leg attacks, but you might have to do this again if there's another crack in the floor(or if it didn't disapear), the blocked segment will be on until you either pass the test once, else you will need to wait 2 minutes to try again the test(the time will be same when the NPC message appeared).

    Note: Remember the left side makes a lot easier to do the test, because the Leg Attacks generally attack in the same space every time a crack happens(making it easier to memorize where to go).

    Other way to visualize it it's to plan where more or less the spider legs will appear, in this image i had an idea where they would appear, after the first one it's easier to plan the second spider leg, walk a x amount and the third a shorther amount of that x.
    @@@Sometimes he will cast a spider summon, it walks in the mirror on the ground so you have to jump to dodge it(stay out of contact to the ground/mirror), it will do 20% of your hp if it hits you.

    @@@Will can also teleport, but using the mirror to do so, he does 10% of your health if you are in his way, not problematic, he just pushes you a little bit if hit.

    Now to phase 3:

    This phase might take 10minutes at most, usually it's 4 to 6 minutes.

    Phase 3 is diferent from the other 2, Will won't move or teleport, he will just attack alongside the webs that slowlsy cover the entire map.

    Reminder that this phase HIGH benefits with any kinda of bind since he will become untargetable once he goes for the bigger attacks.
    @@@The biggest treat in this phase is the constant growing webs, dealling 30%hp per second if you stay in contact with them, they will start to grow on the corners of the map and slowly take the entire screen:

    They can make your skills be blocked, that in conjuction to everything else he has in this phase makes touching the webs a serious danger

    Remember you can use Hero and Erda Nova to clear this status, might be necessary in case Will is going for one of his attacks or so you can use Flash Jump/teleport to get away of a corner.

    That way you will need to constantly clear the webs using your Moonlight, see the image bellow, i clear 2 webs at once, remember that everytime you use Moonlight to clear webs you can clear 2 before the effects worns off, so be sure to clear 2(by walking into one) since sometimes it will only clear the one closer to you.

    It uses around 30% of your moonlight everytime, so you can kinda spawn it.
    If you dodge attacks for more than 1 second you can gather Moonlight for every extra second you aren't getting damage, THIS PHASE IS THE ONE THAT MATTERS MORE GATHERING MOONLIGHT.

    Note 1: If you are going Normal Will solo, you can actually keep up with the Webs alone, as long you dodge some attacks and stay in only one side of the map, the image bellow is when i first soloed the boss, i could keep up with the webs because i i didn't need to move much, some classes might not have so easily, but you can definnely keep up for over 5mins or so.
    Note 2: If you are soloing you can't just clear webs, remember to always attack him.

    BIG NOTE 3: THIS IS ONE OF TWO PARTS THAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HARD AND NORMAL MODE IS REALLY FELT, you cannot gather as much moonlight in HARD MODE, you literally get half of it every second (%5per second instead of 10%), so you can't keep up with the web's growth rate alone, you need all people in your party to clear webs and dodge attacks, else it might overwhelm even a bit and kill a lot more than if everyone is focused in clearing webs.

    @@@After the webs i would say the biggest problem would be his two main attacks:

    White eyes/Big attack and Yellow eyes/smaller attack, each have a 15seconds cool down minimum to be used(usually 17), not too hard to use this in order to know WHEN and which attack he's about to use.

    The first one(and mostly problematic) is where he will aim at the player (in the x axis, it doesn't matter if you go upwards), else you will lose 90% of your hp(hard mode is hit kill, making it NECESSARY to dodge), any skill can help you dodge, vary with each class.
    See the image bellow, the black arrows is Will's aim and i made a circle around me, i move just before he lands his attack, making the attack appear where i was in the past.

    You can see that his attack will have white eyes(not always visible thought, so don't always rely on that):

    He will attack after he positioned himself, you will notice that he goes almost to the top of the screen as well(compare both attacks's sizes in the image with both attacks), beying the biggest size he can get you can already know it's the AIM attack.

    Note: In normal mode he will take 2 seconds to attack you, while in hard mode 1 second, so it will be much faster in hard mode, in normal mode any class with flash jump can dodge as long they use it 1 sec after he started to prepare his attack.

    Here's a gif to have a better idea, this is something you will have to get used with time, some people might struggle at the start compared to others.


    The second one(easier to survive) is when he have yellow eyes, this one he will aim at every position BUT where the player stands, so all you need to do is stand still and not move, else you will also lose 90% of your hp(hard mode is 1hit-ko as well):

    In this case pay attention to ALWAYS his yellow eyes, it will always be visible, aside that he have a specific stance while he does this attack(you can see in the first image with the attacks, but since webs can eventually cover the map it might cover a bit of WIll making harder to use his stance as guide.

    @@@Once you get his 2 main attacks of the way, there's his push attack that can push people close to Will into the cornes of the map, making you get hit by Webs in the corner(if there's any), potentially killing you from the damage over time of all skills being casted or most important killing you via the Block skill when you touch a Web and need to dodge his aim/white eye attack:
    You can see the image above to have a better idea, all these maplers get pushed as he uses the attack, problematic if there are too many webs on the corner/ nobody is clearing em, one way to also avoid going too far off is going to his back when he's going to cast it or stay close to him so you don't go too far, watch out because this attack does have a decent range.

    Other thing you can use to dodge is getting behind the ropes of the map, stayin behind you can simply not take hit and pushed into the corner by being too far away of his pushing skill/attack:

    Here's one example, i was solo and he would only focus on me, so when he tried to push me i walked just enough to dodge his attack:

    If you are soloing the third phase you can bait his push(by going into his range) and dodging it when you see he's going to use it.

    Here's a gif to maybe help remember it:

    @@@Lastly of what's dangerous is his poison, he will cast in a random member of the party, it doesn't do damage to the poisoned memeber, however it will poison everyone else around him/her with a lot of damage.

    It will also double the damage of whoever got poisoned, basically being a double-edged sword, but in solo runs it's really usefull.

    It does 40% damage every second on any close party member, so you MUST stay away from any poisoned party members, like i did in this image bellow.

    Remember to keep attacking in case you got poisoned, if you don't attack at least once in 10seconds the poison will do a hit kill on you, like in this image bellow i was just dodging Will's attack instead of attacking him and died:

    If you die with the poison it will create a poison dome that will do the same damage to anyone in it and the poison will carry over to other random party member alive:
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    From what I experience, moonlight only recharge if you don't get hit for at least 1 seconds and it take 20 second to fill to the max. (any hit will stop the recharge)
  • TamirkoTamirko
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    You don't get invincibility while switching dimensions, also might want to edit out grammar and spelling errors
    Rexaar wrote: »
    From what I experience, moonlight only recharge if you don't get hit for at least 2 seconds and it take 10 second to fill to the max. (any hit will stop the recharge)
    Moonlight fills up over time and is not related to hitting, getting hit, or not getting hit. the only thing that affects it is the red orbs that take away some of your moonlight. Record a video next time, keep an eye on your moonlight gauge and see for yourself. You can also watch recorded runs from other people.
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    Tamirko wrote: »
    You don't get invincibility while switching dimensions, also might want to edit out grammar and spelling errors
    Rexaar wrote: »
    From what I experience, moonlight only recharge if you don't get hit for at least 2 seconds and it take 10 second to fill to the max. (any hit will stop the recharge)
    Moonlight fills up over time and is not related to hitting, getting hit, or not getting hit. the only thing that affects it is the red orbs that take away some of your moonlight. Record a video next time, keep an eye on your moonlight gauge and see for yourself. You can also watch recorded runs from other people.

    It you do gain invencibility when switching dimensions, it's just a short duration.
  • RexaarRexaar
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    Rexaar wrote: »
    From what I experience, moonlight only recharge if you don't get hit for at least 1 seconds and it take 20 second to fill to the max. (any hit will stop the recharge)
    Moonlight fills up over time and is not related to hitting, getting hit, or not getting hit. the only thing that affects it is the red orbs that take away some of your moonlight. Record a video next time, keep an eye on your moonlight gauge and see for yourself. You can also watch recorded runs from other people.[/quote]

    I have already recorded videos of myself doing practice runs, and watching them have led me to this conclusion.
    Someone else run

    Video Time / %Moonlight / Details
    0:28 5% Start of WIll Battle
    0:29 10%
    0:30 15%
    0:31 20%
    0:32 20% Hit by blue orb
    0:33 20% Hit by blue orb and spider leg
    0:34 20% Hit by blue orb
    0:35 20% Hit by spider leg
    0:36 20% Hit by blue orb
    0:37 15% Hit by red bullet
    0:38 15% Hit by blue orb and spider leg
    0:39 15% Hit by blue orb
    0:40 15% Hit by blue orb and spider leg
    0:41 20%
    0:42 25% Hit by spider leg after moon light has recharged
    0:43 25%
    0:44 20% Hit by red bullet before it can recharge
    0:45 20%
    0:46 25% Hit by spider leg after the recharge
    0:47 25%
    0:48 30%
    0:49 35%
    0:50 40%
    0:51 45%
    0:52 5% Switched dimension
    0:53 5%
    0:54 10%
    0:55 15%
    0:56 20%
    0:57 25%
    0:58 30%
    0:59 35%
    1:00 40%
    1:01 35% Hit by red bullet and spider leg
    1:02 35% Hit by blue orb
    1:03 35% Hit by blue orb
    1:05 40% Hit by blue orb after the recharge
    1:06 40% Hit by blue orb
    1:07 40% Hit by blue orb
    1:09 50% Hit by blue orb
    1:10 50% Hit by blue orb at the very start of the second
    1:11 55% Hit by spider leg after the recharge
    1:12 55%
    1:13 60%
    1:14 65%
    1:15 70%
    1:16 75%
    1:17 80%
    1:18 85%
    1:19 90% Finally poked by Will
    1:20 90%
    1:21 95%
    1:22 99%
    1:23 100%
    Panic switching
    1:34 20%
    1:35 25%
    1:36 30%
    1:37 35%
    1:38 40%
    1:39 45%
    1:40 50% Poked by Will after the recharge
    1:41 50%
    1:42 55%
    1:43 60%
    1:44 65%
    1:45 70%
    1:46 70% Hit by blue orb
    1:47 25% Switched dimension
    1:48 30%
    1:49 35% Poked by Will after the recharge
    1:50 35%
    1:51 40%
    1:52 45%
    1:53 50%
    1:54 45% Hit by red bullet before the recharge
    1:55 45% Hit by blue orb
    1:56 45% Hit by spider leg
    1:57 45%
    1:58 50%
    1:59 55% Hit by blue orb after recharge
    2:00 55%
    2:01 50% Hit by red bullet before the recharge

    There is clear evidences of moonlight recharging if you don't get hit for at least 1 seconds.
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    Rexaar wrote: »
    There is clear evidences of moonlight recharging if you don't get hit for at least 1 seconds.

    Very interesting, will check this as i go, might be the thingy for people to look out for.
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    Ok, i uptated finally, i added a lot of details for phase 3, specially for the poison and his push attack that i found more things.
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    I uptated this guide with the drops of the boss, usually people know what he drops before knowing his mechanics+ rewrote everything for better view.