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[Feature Suggestion] Party Buff Icons

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I'd like to suggest a new feature to the little party HP window thing.
This option, when toggled, would show you which players are currently buffed (or not buffed!) by your skills.

Using a half size (16x16) icon, borrowing an element from the fullsized icon, players can quickly glance at the HP window to check buffs.
This means they no longer have to ask if a player needs a buff or not. This would be extremely handy during bosses.
With the recent testings of 1080p over in KMS, I think the added size of the window wouldn't hurt the screen space economy that much.

Here are some mock ups of what it could look like.
This first image is a rough idea of what the smaller icons would look like.
In this example I'm using Bishop, as it has a lot of party buffs to work with.

And here's what the window itself might look like.
Members 1, 2, 5 and 6, are just so you can see icons without numbers.
Members 5 and 6 are not explorers, so the game doesn't show the icon for Epic Adventure.
Member 3 is fully buffed, with Holy Magic Shell and Epic Adventure about to expire, the other skills still have a few minutes left on them.
Member 4 has no buffs. They also have recently been buffed with Holy Magic Shell and Heaven's Door, so they can't be rebuffed by them just yet.

Here's a possible alternative to the horizontal setup.

This system would show you only your active buffs, and not passives or auras, since those activate in a unique way.
Another possible idea (not shown in samples) would be to show if a party member has a bind available or not.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!
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  • LyedenLyeden
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    +1 I think its a nice idea!
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    edited November 2018
    I'm going to bump this thread in hopes that some more people can see it and possibly input on it.
    It's been 1 week (and 1 day) since I created this thread, so I feel that should be okay. (IE: Not spam)
    If a bump after 1 week is still considered against the rules, I'm sorry.