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Cheaper Reboot CS items

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edited November 2018 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Just an idea,
If Nexon wants to nerf Kishin but doesn't want the players to get angry or quit Reboot, maybe make cash-shop items like cubes, tele rocks, etc. much cheaper, so we wouldn't need to farm with a Suicide Kanna for over an hour just to buy 6 black cubes?

I mean Nexon doesn't earn money from those items, no matter if they cost 136M mesos or just 36M mesos.
And we will buy pets anyway.
So why not?


  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    edited November 2018
    Reboot was supposed to be a harder server.
    Making it easier seems counter-intuitive.
    Instead I'd like to see more rewards for party play.
    Instead of lowering the cost of things, give players more money for actually being social in a... social... game...
    If the game becomes easier in some regards when you party up, why does it become harder in others...?
  • EternityMaxEternityMax
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    Agree with Fuhreak.
    I see everyone on the forums freaking out over Kishin, yet I have never EVER used it other than to train my Kanna to 140 for the legion effect. For the record, I have a char with 4.1mil clean range.

    It got that far by doing exactly what Fuhreak said: Party play.
    I teamed up with other fellow n00bz to tackle on bosses and get their rewards, whether it be mesos for cubes, or gear (Sup Gollux, CRA, Tyrant, etc).
    Hence why I think party play should be rewarded somehow. Maybe, the more people you have in the party (and in the same map), the more meso will drop from mobs? I'd also like to see the Intense Power Crystals from bosses NOT sell for less when you have more people in the party; that's basically penalizing us for being social. Kinda lame.
    Just my two cents.